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To what extent should we widen the agenda of security studies to include issues like the environment, population migration, food security, and the concerns of women (and other groups) - Essay Example

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Its advent coinciding with the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War had several implications. World War I and World War II had far reaching…
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To what extent should we widen the agenda of security studies to include issues like the environment, population migration, food security, and the concerns of women (and other groups)
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"To what extent should we widen the agenda of security studies to include issues like the environment, population migration, food security, and the concerns of women (and other groups)"

Download file to see previous pages Because of the far reaching consequences of such wars, it became increasingly necessary to select less violent means of settling conflict2. The rise of the Cold war however brought along with it a different set of crimes that defined the way in which this war was fought.
The primary area of focus for security studies takes organized violence as its focus. It seeks to explore the various mechanisms by which individuals and aggregations of individuals use to undertake organized violent crime in an area. Once these mechanisms have been identified, security studies goes ahead to identify various ways in which the effects of such levels of violence can be mitigated.
Accumulation of knowledge is a fundamental means of protecting oneself from organized violent crime. Knowing when criminals will attack and exactly where they will attack is vital knowledge in light of security issues. This knowledge can relate to the type of weapons that they will use their tactics, their use of humans as soft targets and the exact mechanisms by which they derive their motivation to undertake organized violent crime.
Security studies also looks into greater fundamental aspects of organized crime at a national level3. The nature of weapons that a country has at its disposal is essential in determining the level of damage that could be caused by a security threat. The study if security studies would not be complete without evaluating the exact means by which war is caused. War is a delicate subject in the security systems of any country. Previously, it was entered into lightly as witnessed by the occurrence of World War I and World War II. However, with the numerous casualties that were experienced as a result of these wars, it became inhuman to the common man for these wars to be supported.
In recent times, security studies has faced increasing pressure to investigate other areas of security that had not been the considered a security concern. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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