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In this Paper You Will Discuss and Analyze an Aspect of Film - Essay Example

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Date Introduction Films have become an important part in defining the American culture and its various aspects. Through various film theorists and American cultural theory, it has become to study aspects of Film, American and Cultural Theory…
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In this Paper You Will Discuss and Analyze an Aspect of Film
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, the aspects of culture that are portrayed in these films have been seen as a depiction of American culture. Many people who are not American Citizens but do watch this depictions always believe that what is portrayed is the American culture as it is. This paper seeks to shade more light by discussing aspects of American Film and Cultural theory. Through class readings and a number of films as a source of material, that text will discuss three major films that have made a worldwide audience. Hollywood is the biggest producer of films in the world. Most of Hollywood’s production finds a worldwide audience. The storyline of most of Hollywood’s production that touch the Middle East has elicited strong reactions both locally and internationally. Scholars, film theorists and cultural theorists have always repeatedly claimed that Hollywood has been used to misrepresent the Middle East while promoting the US wider agenda of expansionist. For the purposes of these discussions, this paper will reflect on three such films that have elicited strong reactions from the Middle East. These are, The Kingdom, Syriana and One Day in September. The first film that this paper will reflect upon is The Kingdom. The Kingdom is a film by Peter Berg produced in 2007. It features Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman. The story line of the film is the usual most common American agents searching for Terrorists in the Middle East. The film traces the storyline of Agent Ronald Fleury and an elite team of four operatives who hunt down a terrorist in Riyadh. The team’s main task is to destroy the terrorist cell, which has killed Americans working in Saudi Arabia.While in the Saudi Capital, the team finds itself in a culture shock as the Saudi culture is quite knew to them. The corrupt politicians and the law enforcement agencies that hinder their quest become an obstacle. However, one Saudi police officer helps the team in their quest for justice and destruction of the terrorist cell. The second film that this paper will apply in the discussion is Syriana. Syriana is a film that was produced in 2006 by Stephen Gaghan. Syriana transcends a geopolitical theme with petroleum and oil industry politics at its center. The film centers around four major characters who are a central intelligence Agency operative, an energy analyst, a Washington attorney, and a young and unemployed Pakistani worker. The film employs multiple story lines top tell the experiences of the four people who feel the effect of politics in the oil Industry. The stories of the four men are the ones that form the basis of interpretation in this essay. The last Film that this essay explores is the movie One Day in September. This is a 1999 documentary shot and directed by Kevin McDonald. The film documentary reflects on the 1972 terrorist attack on the Munich Summer Olympics that left 11 Israeli Athletes dead. In this documentary, the veteran actor Michael Douglas provides a light narration as the storyline unfolds. The historical events of Munich 1972 are brought into play as the film revolves ion the events that took place. The Palestinian terrorists and their agenda are well covered in the film. The documentary also shows that lax security by Germany security led to the death of the Israel Athletes. The widow of the Israeli coach taken hostage is interviewed while one of the remaining and surviving terrorists is also interviewed. Robin Bernstein in his article titled Dances With ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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