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Culture Analysis paper - Essay Example

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In fact, this term refers to the film industry, which was developed in Mumbai formerly called Bombay. Bollywood firms have…
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Culture Analysis paper
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, Bollywood has been considered audience-oriented, though they have more emphasis on generating wealth. Bollywood is a term that is also applied in description of a physical location with certain characteristics, which are common among the other films produced in the same region Ganti (2). In this case, these characteristics comprises of song and dance, melodrama, emphasising on stars and spectacle, values of lavish production (Ginta, 3). Moreover, there are other theatrical variables integrated in the filmmaking such as sublimating and romanticism.
Bollywood differs from Nollywood, which is a term derived from Hollywood, and it is a generic name for the firm industry in Nigeria. One of the similarities between these generic is that their name were derived from the term Hollywood. However, these industries have different global attention, which differs in terms of the effort made to create their distinct film tradition. For instance, Bollywood has achieved a more prolific and legendary attention from different parts of the world compared to Nollywood. On the other hand, Nollywood experiences government intervention through contribution to provide a favourable environment for film making industry. However, Bollywood is run by private sector through their efforts to fund and offer dominant producers and marketers. Nevertheless, Nigerian film industry has been perceived as a cultural product by other nations, though unlike Bollywood they experience indifferences of the government towards their industry. For instance, Nollywood faces problems of being denied a status of foreign exchange cultural currency that can enhance their industry.
Indian cinema has a long and wealthy history, some of which is common to Western audiences (Ginta, 2004). Similarly, American moviegoers are increasing but still have inadequate exposure to different forms of Indian films. Asian films hinters developmental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Culture Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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