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The family is the basic building block in most societies, and some societies treasure the aspect of family to the extent of protecting it at all means. The Asian culture is no exception to the aspect of the importance of family values on culture and tradition…
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The Aspect of Family within Asian Culture
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Download file to see previous pages The analysis of the aspect of family within the Asian culture will focus on the nuclear and extended family, children and up keeping, marriage and divorce, and the respect accorded to parents. Other aspects that are of some importance include the effect of family on business relationships, and some few aspects that will be added in the paper. Asian family culture demands that families stay as close to one another as possible, so it is not uncommon to find completely close knit families in the Asian tradition and cultures (Abazov, 20). Existing literature states that the family is the most important part of the Asian make-up; therefore, considerations for the nuclear family take center stage in every individual’s life. This means that an individual will always consider the immediate family in every action. An example of this fact is the communal activity that each family will engage in together; an analysis of the culture reveals that most families will have communal activities to bring the family together, for example, during meal times; it is not uncommon to find the whole family eating together. As indicated, the aspect of the family in the Asian culture takes priority over all other aspects, which is probably a means of increasing family cohesion and instilling cultural values in the children. Relations in the nuclear family are normally blurred, since an individual is normally expected to have the same consideration for the extended family as the nuclear family. Therefore, it is to be expected that an extended family will live together in complete harmony, and the aspect of the nuclear family is only seen in urbanized areas. An analysis of the Asian family culture also indicates that the Asian culture has a deep rooted sense of respect for all family members, as is indicated by the values taught to children at a tender age (Teng 63). The Confucian system dictates that the sense of respect is instilled in the family values that are taught to children and all other members of the society. In the Asian culture, it is not uncommon to find several parts of the family brought together to honor other parts of the family. The Asian culture reveals that the identity of an individual is focused on the collective rather that the self. This means that an individual will have consideration for the whole society rather than the individualistic aspect. In the Western and American culture, it is common to find individuals with considerations only for the self, however, in the Asian culture, an individual is instilled with the values of the collective society, and therefore, an individual will consider the family before the self. As already mentioned, the Confucian system of family values is entrenched in the Asian tradition, therefore, it is to be expected that an individual will consider all other people before the self. According to Confucian tradition, all families have hierarchies, and every member of the family has a special part to play in the smooth running of the family (Hung and Smith). For example, the father in the house is the undisputed head of the family and is expected to provide for his wife and offspring without fail. The Confucian theory of family values dictates that the family is more important than the individual, so the eldest son in the family also has their own responsibility. For example, the eldest son is expected to have responsibility to the parents, siblings, and finally to the wife and daughters. The previous aspect discussed brings to light another aspect of the Asian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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