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Final : Terrorism - Research Paper Example

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Terrorism Name Professor University/Institution Date Terrorism is one of the most disturbing occurrences in the world today with many of the incidents taking lace involving the deaths, or injury of innocents. Terrorism has become so widespread in the world that most of the governments have put up measures to ensure that it is prevented…
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Final research: Terrorism
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"Final : Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages Despite this, there has been significant progress in not only identifying those people who are most likely to be involved in terrorist activity, but also in the foiling of those acts which would have resulted in the deaths of many innocent civilians. The strength of many terrorist organizations is based on the belief that many of them are founded on the principle of fighting oppression. This creates a wave of sympathy and assistance in the areas within which they are based, and this, more than anything, ensures that they have a constant flow of recruits who are willing to do all that it takes to attain the goals of these organizations. Many of the world’s governments, following the lead of the United States, are on high alert concerning potential terrorist attacks within their territories, since these attacks have a tendency of disrupting the everyday economic and social lives of their people. Terrorism has therefore become a reality, which has to be contended with in the world today, to make it safe for individuals to conduct their day-to-day activities without any fear for their lives and property (Czinkota, Knight, Liesch and Steen 2010). Many motivations for terrorist organizations commit acts of terror against mostly the civilians who are often their victims. One of this, especially for Islamic fundamentalist groups is the belief that the western powers have come to occupy what they consider their homelands, and because of this, they feel obliged to drive them out. In the Middle East, Israel is considered a western power, and because of the United States’ support for the Jewish state, there has developed a belief that it is an extension of western interests in the Arab world. The fact that Israel is occupying more and more territory has fanned the fires of this belief and this is the reason why terrorist groups against both Israel and the United States have continued to thrive in the current world. Other terrorist groups have developed in certain countries at a domestic level and this is because of the diverse issues affecting these countries such as racial and cultural differences. Among the most prominent of these terrorist groups is the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, whose stated aim was to fight for what its members perceived to be white supremacy. Some groups resort to terrorism especially in cases where they would like to make political statements and most of the terrorist attacks often involve the bombings of places where there are prominent people. In some parts of the world, there are Christian terrorist groups whose aim is to force the non-Christians in their societies to convert to the faith and among the most prominent of these groups is the National Liberation Front of Tripura, which is a Christian group in India (Gordon 2008). One of the most prominent domestic organizations with a long history of involvement in terror within the United States is the Ku Klux Klan; a racist, anti-Semitic organization which is dedicated to excessive violence to attain its goals of racial separation and white dominance. It first emerged in 1866 following the American Civil War and it is considered America’s first terrorist group. Among its most primary targets were African Americans and the white people who supported them and later incarnations of this group added more categories amongst its enemies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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