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The author concludes that the threats by the possible cyber attacks can be critical enough to drive the attention of the security agents of the developed and the developing countries. The interdependence of technology and the economy of infrastructure are crucial to secure the resources of IT. …
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Cyber Terrorists: Shutdown the Internet
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Download file to see previous pages The terrorist groups have their super connectivity in every country of their choice and posses a strong network. They have carried out their attacks in almost every accessible strata of the universe and have not even spared the virtual cyber space. Competitions among the Technology makers have increased beyond leaps and bounds and innovation to provide numerous facilities to mankind has taken a high rise. The high generation technology offered to facilitate human being have also raised some questions among the critics as the safety of people all over is at stake thanks to a group of fellow people termed as terrorists. There is no dogmatic definition of cyber terrorism and its interpretation varies across society. The basic structure of the term deals with the culmination of terror and the use of Cyber space as a platform to synthesis operation in a large manner. The threats caused by the insane activities have stirred the mass and if no suitable measures are adopted then the pride of mankind will cease to exist. The breakdown of the cyber world will take place
The most common form of cyber attack which was popular from the advent of the internet technology was hacking. Hacking procedures generally dealt with infringement upon others privacy and illegal access to files, WebPages, and software and causing damage to the inbuilt system. However, in the present generation, the art of hacking is somewhat prestigious and an arousal of a new concept of ethical hacking has lead to the legalization of the matter. The concept of ethical hacking has to lead to the upgradation of many soft wares and has even strengthened the security of the internet. In recent times various soft wares have been generated which acts as the tool of attack in the cyber system and some popular among them are Trojan, password crackers, malware, key loggers. Scare ware is the most innovative among them as the attackers remove the program installed in the computer in payment of money.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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