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Introduction to Terrorism - Research Paper Example

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Introduction to Terrorism Discuss the recruitment and financing of operatives by Al Qaeda. From what country are these operatives from? Gives examples of revenue sources. Why is it critical to fight against terrorism to track and "follow the money"? With the recent death of Osama Bin Laden a number of critical questions have been raised regarding the nature of the United States’ fight against terrorism…
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Introduction to Terrorism
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"Introduction to Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages The question then becomes what constitutes the best means of fighting terrorism. This essay considers the recruitment and financing of operatives by Al Qaeda and argues that the pivotal element in stopping terrorism is to follow the financing. Recruitment can be argued to represent the backbone of Al Qaeda operations. In considering recruitment processes, it’s argued that Al Qaeda recruits are not simply restricted to a regional area, but are rather united through the Muslim struggle against Western dominance. It follows that recruitment practices span the globe. Indeed, Blake states, “Pennsylvania professor Marc Sageman discovered 70 percent of terrorists were recruited outside their native country” (Blake, pg. 9). Within this spectrum of understanding, there are a number of elements implemented as means of recruiting displaced individuals. Among these elements indicate that training camps within Afghanistan and Pakistan represent crucial areas where individuals can become involved with Al Qaeda operations. ...
It is no surprise then that in fighting terrorism, it is critical to track and stop this flow of money. Funding to Al Qaeda comes from a variety of sources. Among these include, “charitable donations, businesses, and just about any illegal activity such as drug, weapon and immigrant trafficking, counterfeiting, forgery, kidnapping, etc” (Ward, pg. 17). Some of the major such income sources include Saudi charities. David Farley (2003) argues that if these sources could be shutdown Al Qaeda operations would suffer perhaps a critical blow. Bin Laden’s connections to wealthy contacts constituted a highly important element in procuring a large amount of this funding. While these charitable donations are given for a variety of reasons, the primary reason seems to be a religious affiliation with the political aims of the Al Qaeda terrorist effort. In addition to charitable donations, Al Qaeda business interests constitute other important elements of financing. In these regards, investments in a variety of sources functions as important avenues of income. Like the mafia, Al Qaeda business operations function through fronts that operate for the nefarious terrorist purposes underneath. For instance, Bin Laden was able to generate income through secretly selling freight ships for a period. Within all of these operations the laundering and movement of funding to different organizational elements also constitute essential elements of the terrorist organizations operations. It’s clear that funding constitutes a major element of Al Qaeda operations. In conclusion, while it may be possible to eliminate leaders in the terrorist movement, or shutdown training facilities, the essential element in limiting terrorism is through tracing the funding that Al Qaeda ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...English Terrorism Introduction Terrorism had caused great dilemma to mankind. It has been rampant in the news recently. When onehears of the word “terrorism”, several things would come into one’s mind. One may think of Osama Bin Laden upon hearing the term for he is considered as one of the notorious terrorist of all time and many people believe that he was the one who fueled up acts of terrorism in any part of the globe. His infamous act of terrorism has also been one of the most tragic and heart-breaking incident that marked the pages of world history and that is, the 9/11 attack, which is considered as one of the apparent examples of...
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...? Terrorism Terrorism A risk assessment is an essential measure of identifying mitigation steps and procedures. Terrorism is no exception to this rule. A conventional procedure of risk assessment encompasses the analysis of motives, capabilities, opportunities and targets. To prevent the acts of terrorism, especially nuclear terrorism, law enforcement and intelligence agencies should define the scope of skills and resources needed to executive a successful attack, the signs and symptoms of an intention to conduct an attack involving nuclear materials, access and availability of nuclear weapons among terrorist groups, as well as the locations that are most likely to be targeted. Since its inception, the nuclear bomb has been one... of the...
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Introduction to Terrorism
...? TERRORISM Terrorism Definition: Although the scholars have not defined any comprehensive and unanimous definition of terrorism, the term simply means one or more acts conducted by the individuals, groups, organizations or communities, in order to threaten, hurt and harm their rivals and opponents by applying weapons or any type of destructive material in order to obtain political, religious, cultural or racial gains and benefits. The main reason behind determining some specific definition of terrorism includes the difference of opinion and variation in the criteria the `communities maintain while defining the acts of terrorism; as act, committed by an organization is taken as terrorist offence by the rivals, though the same one... is...
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...?Introduction Terrorism refers to the use of unlawful violence and threats to intimi governments and the society at large so that unpopular ideologies can be recognized (Hoffman, 2003). Terrorist activities have continued to claim the lives of innocent civilians, especially due to the fact that such criminals are always brutal when it comes to executing their plans to the extent of committing suicide in the process. To them, success is when a maximum number of casualties are recorded in a single strike as they view this as a positive development towards convincing their targets, who may be forced to soften their stand on the issue in dispute so as to protect life. This paper is a critical evaluation of terrorism and the factors... that...
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...?  TerrorismTerrorism Question I believe that terrorism as a criminal activity that can be committed domesticallyhas changed policing. This is because law enforcement agents face the unpredictable condition of having to immediately deal with crisis situations, which are both crimes and war. This new pattern of crime has surpassed the previous clear boundary between law enforcement and national defense. Therefore, the notion of policing is changing to incorporate a wider range of risks than in previous times. Terrorism has made numerous public law enforcement agents to go back into the community, for example, rather than responding to calls or riding on...
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...liberty of the US nation lies in the security of the nation, and preserving it, by any means possible is extremely crucial. On the other hand, the Democrats believe that true success of the democratic nation lies in its sovereignty from all forces, including the dominant influence of the armed forces. 6) The ‘hardening’ of the European Union could bring greater damage for the region since the introduction of such policies may produce what Buxton calls the “spillover effect” (Buxton 160). This means that reactions to such policies may affect the EU the most because of a number of factors, including the fact that multiple ethnic groups reside in Europe. Offending them at any level might intensify the...
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...Terrorism The terms “terrorism against women and children” and “the terrorist act committed by women and children” can be understood as similar and different at the same time. First, many women and children become the victims of terrorism, for example, when terrorists attack private houses where women and children stay, or schools, which are usually full of children. On the other hand, the definition “terrorism against women and children” also has the meaning that is not closely connected with terrorism as the act of violence. The term can be used when we are talking about the violence and cruelty against women and children that they may face in our...
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Introduction to Terrorism
...Terrorism Terrorism can be referred as the path of violence adapted by the unsatisfied persons in order to achieve one aim or the other. It generallyinvolves killing of innocent persons for achieving political objectives. It is a way to destroy peace and order in society. There are five types of terrorism namely state terrorism, religious terrorism, and criminal terrorism as well as political and oppositional terrorism. It is an act of violence which is been supported by political parties but is not a governmental act. In other words, terrorism can be defined as the negative use of power to gain political...
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...Terrorism al Affiliation October 17, Terrorism Question Explain why it is so difficult to define the concept of terrorism with agreed-upon precision? According to Yungher, it is hard to define the concept of terrorism due to its changing nature with every new day. Terrorism is changing with the terror groups changing their methods of striking and the reasons for attacking. It has therefore been used to destabilize governments and express the feeling of certain classes in the society. Question 2: Discuss the reasons some groups pursue political goals by using violence of the type described as...
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...Terrorism Affiliation Introduction Domestic and international terrorism differ in the scope of operations as well as the motives ofthe terror groups behind attacks. Domestic terror is focused on geographical boundaries or territories. General motives of domestic terrorism is to defy government, corporate, and social norms to either pass a message or to persuade an entity into assuming a specific form. International terror on the other hand, is mostly political in nature and focuses on the launch of hate attacks against governments, citizens, economies, and infrastructure. The motive of international...
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