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Non-Conventional Terrorism - Assignment Example

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A writer of the paper "Non-Conventional Terrorism" outlines that the planning and execution of chemical weapon are difficult and time taking but nuclear terrorism which planning and execution techniques are the most difficult one among other types of non-conventional terrorisms. …
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Non-Conventional Terrorism
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Extract of sample "Non-Conventional Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages American Congress Office of Technological Assessment stated that the “the production of nuclear weapons is a more complicated process, it is most difficult to acquire such material and this process is more expensive (Levi, 2010).” Nuclear terrorism is a type of non-conventional terrorism in which terrorists use nuclear weapons in order to complete their mission of the savage and excessive killing of many people and mass destruction. It also the use of fissile materials in an attack, e.g., an attack on a nuclear energy plant with the aim of causing widespread and/or permanent harm to the environment. Studies show that biological weapon can be devastatingly easy. During the fourteenth century, the disease caused by the Tartars infected corpses over castle walls which results in the Black Death in which an approximated one-third of the whole population got killed (Mahan & Griset, 2008). As the United States is playing a leading role in the war against terrorism and confronting with the terrorist in different parts of the world. Therefore America might be the first target of the major terrorist organization which increases the risk of large-scale use of bacteria or viruses or toxins (biological weapons) as a weapon of mass destruction against U.S (Department of Homeland Security, 2008). These biological weapons could be used by the terrorist as it is believed that this capability is within their reach. According to the studies, the terrorist would probably use anthrax against the U.S; and if these terrorist organizations got succeeded in attacking any single city of America than this would kill hundreds of thousands of people (Department of Homeland Security, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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