Advanced Persistent Threats Against RSA Tokens - Case Study Example

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After September 2011 terrorist attacks, developed countries have significantly changed the way of countering vulnerabilities from terrorism.Enormous amount of resources were utilized for mobilizing them on a very short time period…
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Advanced Persistent Threats Against RSA Tokens
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Download file to see previous pages Likewise, in the entire hoax, there was a requirement of evaluating homeland security that also pertains to Information technology infrastructure. The Information technology infrastructure was not the only consideration, as these attacks affect vulnerabilities pertaining to federal information systems and any organization that acquires information systems. However, there were several laws that were passed in the congress after September 11 terrorist attacks. In the process, a series of homeland security presidential directives were issued for sustaining domestic security. However, on the other hand, despite an economic turmoil from September 11 attacks, the aviation industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and is considered as a fundamental transformation. Moreover, there is also a significant change for managing air traffic via net-centric approach. The acquisition of this change will replace the traditional approach for controlling air traffic that is constructed on Information technology solutions. By focusing on security, there is a significant increase in utilizing computerized systems onboard of an air carrier. Likewise, these systems facilitate high airborne and internally located system connectivity, operational and maintenance requirements. Moreover, the net-centric ATM connectivity raises concerns for cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. Propagation threats are critical because it is capable of rapidly broadcasting traffic on the Internet along with bypassing intrusion detection systems. Likewise, for augmenting the primary phase of work propagation, it uses a ‘hit list’ comprising of overflowed users i.e. users consuming heavy bandwidth. By identifying users, worm spreads itself at a rapid pace when compared to traditional spreading worms. Moreover, this type of attack saves a considerable amount of scanning time by only attacking a visible target. In the context of any cyber threat to an airport, the airport cannot be the primary target, as the Spanair flight JK5022 crash was successful by one of the contributions from a Malware. Vulnerabilities Existed in the System / Attack Methods Computer network intrusions are becoming very sophisticated and advanced and they have enforced a challenge for modern computer network based organizations. Likewise, a new class of challengers called now as ‘Advanced Persistent Threats’ (APT) demonstrates a well-planned and sponsored, highly skilled hackers targeting highly classified data for gaining competitive edge specifically in corporate businesses, law firms, military networks, national or international politics (Cole, 2012). Likewise, these highly skilled cyber criminals utilize sophisticated tools and methods that are constructed to disrupt computer network defense semantics without being detected. As per Mr. Mike Cloppert, is a Co-Chair of the cyber threat intelligent summit says that the cyber threat intelligence can facilitate organizations to maintain an information classification and protection mechanism based on the priorities of these cyber criminals. As a result, the likelihood of success for these hackers will become low. Moreover, organizations can than plan accordingly for the targeted information and can counter these complex advanced persistent threats. Information security management team requires authentic and on time information for constantly monitoring new and potential threats and techniques. Likewise, exploiting the received information will improve a resilient defense posture of an organization. The number of RSA tokens implemented up till now exceeds 40 million and another 250 million are mobile software, as that leads the market for enabling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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