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Media and its affect on Terrorism - Essay Example

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Accordint to Raphael, (1), governments, terrorists, and the media view the function, roles as well as the responsibilities of the media when covering terrorist incidents from different and often competing standpoints. Such viewpoints persuade behavior during terrorist events-…
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Media and its affect on Terrorism
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Extract of sample "Media and its affect on Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages The Government uses the media in attempts to limit the harm terrorist inflict to society and in attempts to punish or arrest those responsible for terrorist acts. The Government wants coverage to press forward their agenda and not the terrorists’ agenda. It uses the media to present terrorists as criminals and prevent glamorizing them so as to promote the perspective that blowing up a building, kidnapping a well-known individual, or hijacking an airplane are criminal acts despite the terrorists reasons (Raphael, 1).
According to Joseph (1), well-known terrorist groups are adapting strategies and tactically progressing out because of comprehensive, global counterterrorism operations overseas. They are becoming expert at making use of homegrown terrorists, regional operatives, and communication technologies to the fullest, within reach for a long-term terror campaign against the United States. Nowadays, terrorist groups are enlisting, instigating, and guiding international strategies not just through Internet operations but by the use of a well planned, constant blend of propaganda videos as well as call-to-action messages disseminated via social media platforms, for example Face book, blogs, Twitter and YouTube (Joseph, 2).
The social media framework of the terrorists is aiming disenfranchised youth with complex, fictional information and forming grassroots terrorists inside the borders of United States. thus, foreign jihadists are amplifying their chances of attacking the United States using a mix, multimedia community participant tactic intended to persuade citizen extremists to violence, organize ideological movements, create opportunities to enlist within the United States from relating world incidents, and promote domestic terrorists to lay down their own objectives and take direct action in the company of open-ended and open-source jihad at home.
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