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Currently, the impact that terrorism has on the world political and social fabric is not in doubt, and the choice of the topic is particularly swayed by the…
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HW 3
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Terrorism and Religious Inclinations Introduction There are a number of global issues reverberating through the world society’s social, political and economic structure. Currently, the impact that terrorism has on the world political and social fabric is not in doubt, and the choice of the topic is particularly swayed by the fact acts of terror has been linked to religious inclinations. Perhaps the most notable and high impact terror attack in the 21st century occurred in the US soil on 11th September 2001. Indeed, terrorism is an issue of significance in the present time. The problem of terrorism and its relation to Prophet Muhammad’s Islam teachings has led to unprecedented levels of Islamophobia in the United States.
Terrorist’s Case
Terrorism is the offspring of religious radicalization. Terrorist seem to base their heinous activity on the teachings of prophet and that of the holy book of Quran. The justification, according to the teachings of the holy book is in complete contrast, the holy book asserts saving one life is similar to saving the whole humanity. Osama Bin Laden, the slain doyen of terror group, Al-Qaida, was thought of a man who was constantly on the book could not have not ignored this piece in the book. Terror acts against western countries by Islamic fundamental terror groups has in the past been blamed on the United States occupation if Muslim lands and the United States supposed support to Israel’s occupation of (Palestine Katz, p 18).
Terror Acts and Jihad: The Difference
However, most people feel astounded to link several innocent deaths that are usually lost as a result of those terror attacks. Violence as propagated by the holy Quran is different from the violence meted on innocent life as propagated by the terrorists. The Quran asserts that Jihad must be the war which is waged in the cause and struggle for Allah through a number verses, in fact, the rationale for Jihad was built on the war the Holy prophet waged on his fellow tribe people, the Quaresh who were polytheist and were resisting the influence of the prophets new religious ideologies. In fact, according to one of the revelations the prophet received from Allah he was instructed to inform the masses that violence should only be done as defense and not in offence. It is therefore not in doubt that terrorist are fulfilling other obligations that those were instructed by the holy prophet and the holy book.
Terrorism as a current world issue is not synonymous to Jihad propagated by the holy book. The terror groups butchering innocent civilians often used the book teachings to justify such heinous acts. Islam preaches peace and most Islamic scholars contend that this is the truth.
Work Cited
Katz, Samuel M. Jihad: Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications
Co, 2004. Print. Read More
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