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The author of the essay entitled "The World You Come From " demonstrates the author's ideas. It says: I am a member of a typical family living in Kuwait, with extremely religious parents that adhere to the traditional practices, beliefs, and values of Islam…
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I have come to realize that there are other facets of other religions that I wouldn’t understand if I keep a close-mind about it.
I understand that, since my community and family, are supposed to influence me primarily, I will not be able to voice out my personal thoughts that easily. But that is what I am learning to do right now. How I’m living right now is based on my own belief not just because of my family or community’s beliefs. One has to learn to be firm about their personal beliefs in order to move on towards individuality and personal growth and development, according to one’s own dreams and aspirations.
Learning and living according to my own belief has become my journey. With that, I became inspired and motivated to share this with other people whether it is accepted or not. The point is that I am able to fulfill my duty as an individual, as what I believe in. Being impartial and unprejudiced towards other beliefs, be it religious or personal, as what I have learned through my journey shaped my dreams and aspirations of living in an open-minded world. Read More
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(The World You Come From Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
The World You Come From Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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