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An important family story or story some one told you - Essay Example

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As a child our family lived in a normal, middle class suburb, had painfully normal parents who lived a stereotypical life. Dad worked from nine to five, mom worked part time at the fabric store during the…
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An important family story or story some one told you
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"An important family story or story some one told you"

Download file to see previous pages He picked on everyone but he wasn’t so tough the woods didn’t scare him, at least a little.
The woods were where suburbia and our world as we knew it ended, about two blocks from our street. Sometimes we would venture to the edge peering into the thick brush wondering how far it went, maybe to the ocean about 1000 miles away, we didn’t know. The few times we got close were when the trees were bare in the cold months. When the trees and brush was full with leaves you couldn’t see more than a few yards. The woods were that thick and that scary. When I asked my parents about the woods they answered with whatever they thought would satisfy my curiosity, in other words shut me up, but didn’t seem to know anything about what was in or beyond the thick treed darkness. It was dark, even in broad daylight. The woods were the perfect setting for nightmares and most kids must have had the same dreams because nobody would dare walk into the darkness.
It was rumored that an old abandoned house was somewhere in the woods. This story was told by the much older kids who said they had been in it but nobody believed them. It wasn’t possible because nobody went into the woods, absolutely nobody. The house became an obsession with me and my friends, where was it, who lived there and what secrets was it hiding? We thought a murder likely happened there or at least somebody died in that house. Maybe there body is still there. Maybe the murderer still lives there, safe because nobody, not even the police would dare go. Yes, it was that frightening to a group of young kids whose imagination was fully engaged. Imagination was a large part of our lives at the time. We imagined being soldiers, sports stars, pop stars, or whatever. Imagining horrible secrets lurked in the house in the woods came easy for us. We became almost certain the house was haunted. It had to be because the woods certainly were haunted.
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