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PART (a), Write a fiction story a single piece of 2500 words in form of a complete story. PART (b). Write a reflective commen - Essay Example

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This essay explores the time element that is just an illusion. Still, I know that this is not the right time to tell a tale because my wife is raising her voice. Then, how can I keep inactive and brood over my past? The dogs are begging for their regular treatment, the pigs are impatient…
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PART (a), Write a fiction story a single piece of 2500 words in form of a complete story. PART (b). Write a reflective commen
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Extract of sample "PART (a), Write a fiction story a single piece of 2500 words in form of a complete story. PART (b). Write a reflective commen"

Download file to see previous pages Suddenly, John’s daughter entered and handed over a certificate to him. He asked, “From where did you get this certificate?” “I got it from the old shelf”, she answered. John returned the certificate and answered to his daughter, “This certifies that your father was a scapegoat of his father’s decision, nothing special. But ask your mother to keep it safe.” Then he asked his wife in a low but sweet voice, “Bella, can I have your help to walk the dogs?” Isabella answered, “Yes if I have 10 or 12 hands. Can’t you see that I am busy with the kid?” Isabella entered the yard with their child and looked at John. She saw that John is still sitting on his chair. But he was trying to go through his past, as an obedient student. Noticing the certificate, she kept silent for a while and said in a sarcastic voice, “Sorry John, I was not aware of the fact that you are still clinging to your past.” She realized that the certificate led John to ponder over his past, as an obedient student and existentialist. John changed his dress and walked to their farm with his wife and children. I still remember my kid’s childhood because he was never a nuisance to me. Can you imagine a child who is amiable and amicable? It is him. But his elder brother was quarrelsome and he tried his level best to please his pa. During his adolescent age, my child developed enthusiasm towards nature. He used to ask several questions about the secret behind the living world. He was aware of the fact that his father will not lend his ear to his words. During his teenage, my child faced a number of problems within our personal domain. I still remember that incident. One day, my old man asked my son to reveal his ambition. He plainly answered that his aim is to become an organic farmer. This conversation transformed our family into hell. My old man scolded my child and made clear that he will not allow him to be a farmer. By the by, my old man is a businessman, who used to import and sell plastic toys from China. He never tried to understand that human beings are different in their attitude towards life. Some people consider that business is the core of success. Some others consider that rustic life is most suitable for human beings because the same never leave any carbon footprint. Personally, I belong to a rural family and I am aware of the importance of farming within human life. Still, it is difficult to prove that farming is better than business. The happiness that can be seen in a farmer’s face on seeing that his plants are growing cannot be compared to a businessman’s happiness. So, my old man decided to send my child to a boarding school. Still, someone was smiling, my other child. My child spent his teenage at a boarding school. After completing his school education, my child returned. He did not try to face his father but revealed his future plan to me. He told me that he does not like to be a businessman because he does not expect any profit in his life. I told him that his elder brother did complete MBA and is helping his father. Then, he told me that his burden is lifted because two aggressive lions cannot live in a forest. But I told him that a lion and a number of foxes can live in a forest. He answered that he does not like to be a fox in his life, but the lion in his own territory. But the problem was not over because my old man once more intruded into my child’s life and sent him to a famous business school to continue his higher education. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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