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Fiction genre - Case Study Example

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Fiction Genre Name Institution Fiction Genres It is argued that all fictions are genres based. However, identifying the type of genre involves using a set of rules to determine where the genre actually falls. The term genre fiction, commonly referred to as popular category or contemporary, is widely appealing to a massive audience, which in some instances are perceived to contain a less educated flavor compared to the literary fiction (Hunt and Lenz, 2005, p.32)…
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Fiction genre
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Download file to see previous pages It is also argued that most genre fictions involve characters who are propelling themselves through a setting, or experiencing challenges of that world, whom at the end either emerge triumphant or defeated. Most scholars concur that there are seven different types of genre fictions with hundred sub genres attached to them. The major journal includes horror, fantasy, romance, mystery/crime, science fiction, and western and thriller/adventure/suspense fictions. This paper will compare and contrast fantasy fictions and science fiction in light of their distinctive characteristics. Fantasy fiction Fantasy refers to a genre of fiction which commonly employs magic and supernatural phenomena as the basic element of the theme, plot or setting. Most incidences happening within the genre usually takes place in a fabricated world where magic is common. In a fantasy fiction, one should always expect the unexpected and think the unthinkable and finally believe that magic is the blood coursing through the veins of the novel (Armitt, 2005, p.52). Fantasy fiction tends to create a world where every day normal perception of life is changed and carefully reconstructed into a separate realm of existence. In this genre, writers pull back the curtains of our present understanding of life and revealing to us a new location where life also takes place. Most popular fantasy fictions have the following elements: Religious overtones Since there is a partial relationship between fantasy and the old times, religions, particularly Catholicism and old Christian themes, usually play a big role in shaping fantasy fictions (Sinclair, 2008). The Medieval Most fantasy genres are stereotypically filled with medieval themes and characters such as royal families, knights on horseback, dungeons castles and middle-age dress. In most cases, the weapons if not magical, are usually archaic: longbows, swords and slingshots (Sinclair, 2008, p. 56). The Good-Evil divide Satan and God are ultimately the components of antagonism between evil and good. Fantasy tends to use the perception that pure goodness and pure evil are easy to differentiate and that there is no justified reason for not rooting the good people (Hunt and Lenz, 2005, p.33). These characteristics can be seen from the different fantasy sub genres which include the high or epic fantasy genre, sorcery and sword fantasy genre, contemporary or urban fantasy genre, dark fantasy, elfpunk and erotic fantasy among others. Science fiction Science fiction is a genre that discusses the “what if?’, question. It is a genre that investigates the philosophical, moral and technological possibilities by establishing new and exciting realities. According to Diana Tixier Herald, science fiction is a genre that deals with scientific topics, aliens, space and recognized by earth-variant worlds or forms of life that have never witnessed magic. The other common theme associated with science fiction is the time travel (Luckhurst, 2005, p.62). This genre has certain characteristic common to all categories of the science fiction. Storyline The genre is usually recognized as a speculative fiction by many. Most works in this genre explore social, moral, philosophical and intellectual questions or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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English Literature - the Post-War Fiction

And, one of the written forms through which the author will reflect all his/ her ‘events influenced thought process’, is the fiction. So, from early centuries, fictions have been a great medium to imprint one’s life as well as to see and read one’s life. And, Writers from the United Kingdom also wrote events influenced fictions as a variation to plays. And this paper will analyze the event of World Wars and its impact, as an aspect of modernism, and then demonstrate its use in the modernist writing, “The Happy Autumn Fields” written by the Irish born English author, Elizabeth Bowen.

Among an assortment of events of the 20th century, the two World Wars only impacted the people en masse...
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Philosophy into Fiction

This suggests that a lot of nonfiction work does not seem to have a particular basis with which a solid criterion could be set upon. Also, it clearly manifests the writers’ quest to touch areas that simply do not fall under the jurisdictions of nonfiction writing. Corrective efforts are more or less discarded off in the wake of breaking new grounds in nonfiction writing since this is considered as a first in the related pieces of writing. A bias that usually comes to the picture is of the characterization regimes where the different characters within the nonfiction work document something which has never been seen in real-life or is unheard of in the literal sense of the word. Nonfiction work is best written when these biase...
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The Genre of a Film

By deviating from the purported film genre through the incorporation of surprise elements that deviate from the said genre, the filmmaker can also introduce the element of the unexpected, the surprise twist that can boost the box office prospects of the film. The presentation of elements of different genres requires the audience to reassess the perceptions with which it approaches a film of a particular genre and modifies its interpretation of the text and images of the film.

The genre attributed to a film may play a significant role in the manner in which the text of the film is interpreted. According to James Naremore, “the name of the genre…..functions in much the same way as the name of the author.&rdqu...
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Stranger than Fiction: Bernard Malamud

It was the nerve raking reality of the Holocaust that moved him to question his religious and ethnic identity5. As a result, he got immensely interested in Jewish tradition and history. According to Malamud, “I was concerned with what Jews stood for, with their getting down to the bare bones of things. I was concerned with their ethnicity- how Jews felt they had to live in order to go on living.”6
Most of the works of literature drafted by Malamud exhibit a strange mix of truth and fantasy and have often been allocated to the ambit of “parables, myths, and allegories.”7 There is no denying the fact that Malamud’s stories and novels have a clear cut moral objective. In fact, Malamud happened to be...
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Science Fiction Culture

... Science Fiction Culture Science fiction genre comprises stories that are set to develop the future of the society. As children, we had always dreams of how the future would be like, the technology that would be in our world in years to come; these dreams of technological advancements have turned out to be true. Most scientists tend to say that the reason for which they decided to pursue their chosen careers was because they had always imagined things to be in a certain good way; they always wanted to make the world better by using the potential of human brain. Science fiction writers have got the imaginative and creative mind as well; it always enables them to write stories that are so captivating and interesting for people to read...
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Memogate: Fact, Fiction And Political Lies

...Memogate – fact, fiction and political lies. Introduction The tragic events of September 11, 2001 drove the United s to policing the entire world. The US intervention in Afghanistan to dismantle the structure of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks has been mired in trouble from the start. When the United States attacked Afghanistan in October 2001, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda were quick to retreat to the wildernesses and rural areas. Control of the urban areas fell to the US and its allies who assumed it believing that this was a quick end to an otherwise indeterminate war. Analogous to Vietnam, the American troops and their allies dug into the urban areas using fortified structures that were seen as impenetrable for organized Taliban...
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OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil

This paper shall seek to engage with works of O’Connor’s fiction and related debates on good and evil. O’Connor argues that good and evil are relative states and while a person may not be good at a certain point of time, he or she may, through another lens, appear so.
One such instance is the character of Francis Tarwater from the novel The Violent Bear It Away. On the one hand, one may think of him as a despicable character who murders a differently-abled child who is related to him. This murder is also committed at the behest of a character named Vice who is almost always associated with the devil, who is the embodiment of evil in many narratives. The murder, however, also becomes a symbolic baptism as far...
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The Superhero Element in Comics and Graphic Novels Genre: Alan Moores Watchmen

The comics and graphic novel genre with special mention of the superhero storylines has become an integral aspect of literature that is able to intertwine several portions of reality including popular (or unpopular) culture and politics along with the fantasy, spiritual and philosophical realm that molds the society and its people across geographical distances(Romagnoli and Pagnucci, 2013, p.2). However, regardless of the strength of this literary genre in the past century, there has been a significant amount of changes with respect to how readers understand the significance of the genre, with most of these audiences treating the genre as pure fiction instead of reading all of the presented issues in between the lines. This can be...
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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

...Global Warming Fact or Fiction Global Warming Fact or Fiction The concept of global warming has been under debate for many years among the global countries and arguments from proponents’ side as well as opponents’ side have changed the concept from a realistic theory into an imaginary idea. At one end, the group considering itself ‘green’ and advocating for the existence of global warming bewail the catastrophe that human activities are contributing to the overheating of the planet earth while the group on the other end refute the global warming theory presented by the ‘green’ group. Behind the arguments presented by both groups there lies misunderstanding, confusion and want for knowledge (Gasaway, 2009). The theory propounding...
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Genre Conventions as They Change over Time

...History of a Genre: Analyzing Genre Conventions as they Change over Time History of a Genre: Analyzing Genre Conventions as they Change over Time Genre can be defined as a group of artistic composition, for example, literature or music that has similar features. The similar features can be in the form of style, subject matter or form. Genres can be defined by tone, length, content or the literary technique that is used. This paper will focus on the news article genres to analyze the water crisis in California (2014) and Sydney (1998). News articles are a piece of writing published in internet or print and include newspapers, news magazines and newsletters. Other examples include the websites (news- oriented) and article directories...
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