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Evaluate the authorities' handling of the 'Alex Nord' case. How would you have handled this case - Essay Example

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In the paper “Antisocial personality disorder” the author analyzes the available cases of psychiatric disorder to better understand and study the beginnings and symptoms of this disorder, and to determine its markers in children so that it can be prevented from developing later in life.
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Evaluate the authorities handling of the Alex Nord case. How would you have handled this case
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Extract of sample "Evaluate the authorities' handling of the 'Alex Nord' case. How would you have handled this case"

Download file to see previous pages Disturbed childhood with numerous problems in the house and parent-child relationship can greatly put a child at the risk of developing this disease (Rutter 1998). If a parent is suffering from this disorder or AOD misuse disorder, this can provide the child with a role model to follow, and can enhance his abnormal activities (MedicineNet). Discord between parents or between a parent and the child, or asymmetric parent behavior and attention patterns to the child can trigger an inclination towards antisocial behavior in the child (Rutter 1998).
The diagnosis of this disorder is a crucial and very serious matter, as this disease, whereas grave in its nature, has no definite treatment (MedicineNet). People suffering from this disease do not readily opt for treatment and therapy, and often have to be forced to do so, especially by the law (MedicineNet).
Medication has proved to be an ineffective means of curing the disease, as firstly, there is no definite medication for this, and secondly, any medicines that may be given can be, and often are, abused or neglected by the patient, so they prove ineffective (MedicineNet). The only workable method if treatment is through psychotherapy of the patient, either individual or in groups_ depending upon the particular case and the needs of the individual_ combined with in-house and outpatient treatments, vocational training programs, and participation in long-term group therapies (MedicineNet).
This treatment method, though not completely curable, does help tremendously in leading the individual toward a more normal lifestyle, and helping him pinpoint his problems and abnormal behavior so that he can make an effort to abstain from such activities in the future. Often this disorder wanes with age, with patients reduced to just substance abusers (MedicineNet).
The Alex Nord Case: the case under consideration is that of a 24 year old man, named Alex Nord, who has been diagnosed with antisocial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluate the authorities' Handling of the 'Alex Nord' Case. How Would Essay.
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