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Waste Management - Case Study Example

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   Waste Management CASE 1 1. Did your employees conduct themselves properly by refusing to take the contents of the receptacle?  Municipality takes the responsibility of collecting and disposing of the waste in a particular area. It is our job to handle and manage the solid waste produced in our vicinity…
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Waste Management Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Commercial areas include shops, offices, markets and open areas within the vicinity of the district that the municipality serves. The construction and demolition debris, as well as hazardous wastes, are usually not categorized under municipal solid waste (MSW), but under special circumstances they may be added to the MSW category. Municipal solid waste can be divided into four major categories that are Residential, Commercial and Institutional, Open areas and Treatment plant sites. Residential waste includes wastes generated from households that primarily comprise food wastes. The commercial and industrial wastes which are generated by offices, markets, hotels, restaurants, schools and medical facilities mainly consist of rubbish and food wastes. Open areas include parks, streets and beaches etc. Lastly, treatment plant sites includes sewage, drainage and water treatment processes. MSW is usually referred to as solid waste that the authorities of the city take responsibility of managing and disposing in one way or the other. In our case, the 30 gallon garbage on the sidewalk contains office trash and human waste deposits to be qualified as municipal solid waste, so, the contents of the receptacle are definitely solid waste. 3. ...
2) Waste containers should not be filled with water or any other liquid. 3) The authorities need to make sure that only solid waste is put in these containers. 4) Another important handling consideration is to make sure that wastes from different sources are not mixed as it can cause chemical reactions which, therefore, makes recycling and disposal difficult. 5) The vehicles used for the transportation and collection of waste should be covered to avoid exposure to public and scattering of waste. 6) Later on the waste should be categorized into two categories: recyclable and non-recyclable material. Since the waste primarily consists of office trash, it must have considerable amount of paper, bottles and newspaper etc. Waste is recyclable, if it is sent to be processed, while non-recyclable waste should be disposed of either through an incineration or a landfill. 4. How do you respond to the customer and what do you do next?  I will calm him down by silently listening to him for a while and showing him that his problems matter to me. After a while, I will politely accept our fault and personally apologize to him. Moreover, I will assure him that his compliant has been filed and registered by the respective authorities and that we will take care of the receptacle immediately. After finishing the call, I will check for any waste collection team nearby that area; if any team is available, I will order them to take care of the specific receptacle; otherwise I will dispatch an available waste collection team immediately to take care of the receptacle before its condition gets worse. CASE 2 1. Is it permissible to disturb the clay cap without a permit?  The appropriate District office must be consulted before any construction activity is conducted over an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Waste Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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