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How would you describe spirituality What are some spiritual practices that are comonto various religions around the world - Research Paper Example

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There is the sacred being and the social scientists understand him as the un-ordinary and the one who dwells away from mankind. With this commonality of all…
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How would you describe spirituality What are some spiritual practices that are comonto various religions around the world
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Extract of sample "How would you describe spirituality What are some spiritual practices that are comonto various religions around the world"

Marketing Essay Insert Insert Grade Insert Beyond all human conception and knowledge is the one and only, the supreme and the sacred and who deserves all veneration. There is the sacred being and the social scientists understand him as the un-ordinary and the one who dwells away from mankind. With this commonality of all the races of mankind, the search or pursuit of better understanding of the “being” is what spirituality is. It is far from religion though through all faiths and religions of the world, humankind practices the religious practices and belief systems. Man has been socialized over time into a system that runs from a generation to another and all these systems hold spirit world with regard.
Man always tries to live a life of Godliness, and gaining the original purpose of God through creation. In other terms, spirituality can be defined to mean being alive by the support and influence of the unseen, immortal and spiritual aspect of God.
Other aspects illustrate spirituality in a context of not only the religious organizations but also through the physical health of being mentally sober and under no influence of substance and drug abuse. Sanity also denotes a sense of sober spirituality. There are common aspects of spirituality which include the attractedness to self and one to another, the general enlighten in terms of who we are and what our future holds, and the higher power, either through the system of religion affiliation and the religions or some form of unknown super power.
By spiritual awareness, people find the meaning and purpose of life as regards to all mankind or to personal life. Through engaging in religious practices, rituals and spiritual practices, human beings gain a sense of direction and belonging in terms of their spirituality. It can be argued that all religious practices and rituals have a direction towards the spirituality of a person but spirituality may not necessarily be dependent on them wholly. Rituals are meaningful in that they awaken the spiritual connectedness with nature, other people, and the general universe and creation. The sacred rituals are more often related to religious practices such as prayers, meditation, spiritual ceremonies etc, while the secular have no connection to religion. They may include partying for fun, sporting activities and many more.
Human beings ascribe practices and rituals to religion and systems of believe. However, it is well known that there are very many different religions and systems of beliefs in the world. Nevertheless, some universally accepted practices define religion. These may include prayers, worship, parenting, lovemaking and meditation (Leonard and Carlson 2-5). Others would include sacrificing, adherence to certain codes of written rules, observance of sacred days and seasons and charitable deeds. Moreover, acts that denote compassion, devotion, being present, gratitude, enthusiasm, hope, faith, forgiveness, hospitality, kindness, joy, justice love, peace, silence and vision are all applied in the context of spiritual practices (Frederic and Brussat 1-6).
In conclusion spirituality is better understood in diversity to denote ascribing to systems of faith and believes, and also the soberness of mind. All humankind is religious, spiritual or even both religious and spiritual. Throughout the history of man, man has always believed into supernatural power and more often live to pursue conformity to the Supreme Being. More interesting is that though the systems of believes may differ between people, races, geographical regions and at times the generations, man has been observed to have common practices as pertains to religious practices. More in common is also the zeal with which man upholds or observes their spirituality. However, the understanding of the aspects of spirituality may differ; all human kinds observe it regardless.
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Leonard Barbara and Carlson David. “spiritual rituals”. Touro Institute in conjuction with the University of Minnesota. 1-75. Read More
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