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Theory and Practice of Community Development - Essay Example

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This paper, Theory and Practice of Community Development, seeks to examine ways through which the community can be involved in the eradication of poverty in the Bournemouth area. The available literature argues that the British community work has evolved from town-down and down-top approach. …
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Theory and Practice of Community Development
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Download file to see previous pages According to the available literature, obesity is a growing health concern in the modern world. The effects of obesity on the victims and the larger community are well established. The prevalence of obesity among children and adults is a major health challenge in the United Kingdom and other countries. According to the World Health Organization, for the past few decades, the prevalence rate of obesity has tripled in the European countries. In the UK alone, the obesity prevalence rate in adults has increased by three-to-four fold since the 1980s. The future trends of obesity in the country are well captured in a report titled, tackling obesities: future choices, where the government predicts that by 2050 60% of the entire population will be obese.
The condition is caused by dietary, genetic, psycho-social and environmental factors. In particular, the intake of foods rich in fats is known to be a major cause of obesity. The condition is associated with negative outcomes such as chronic conditions and discrimination. The affected victims also experience low esteem, emotional distress, and depression. The condition also weighs down on the national economy and leads to negative social consequences. Obesity also adversely affects the productivity of the victims and they may end up losing their jobs due to continued absenteeism. On a worse note, the death of the victims from obesity-related illnesses negatively impact on the productivity of a nation.
The House of Commons Health Select Committee estimates the economic costs of obesity to be £3.3 -3.7 billion but this figure will increase to £45.5 billion by 2050. The obesity is also associated with employment costs and in 2002 alone, the economic consequences were estimated to be £10 billion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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