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Is New Labour In The United Kingdom A New Socialist Party - Essay Example

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United Kingdom's labour come in the nineteenth century when there was felt to be an urgent need for a third party to signify the interests of the major working class population, however after subsequent general elections of 1929, 1960's and 1970's it was named as "New Labour" in 1994…
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Is New Labour In The United Kingdom A New Socialist Party
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Download file to see previous pages United Kingdom's labour come in the nineteenth century when there was felt to be an urgent need for a third party to signify the interests of the major working class population, however after subsequent general elections of 1929, 1960's and 1970's it was named as "New Labour" in 1994. In 1997, under the guidance of Tony Blair the British Labour Party has led to a general election victory, escorting from 'old labour' to 'new labour'. We can acknowledge the re-emergence of New Labour as a party of liberal policies, which is characterized as a belief in legal rights and duties towards a citizen, however the party's popularity has affected badly since 2001 for the criticism the new name with an unprecedented comments of 'spin doctoring' and 'New Labour, New Danger' has brought to it.(Wikipedia, Labour Party UK)When we focus on the public sector response given to the New Labour's political vision, it can be seen that New Labour's public philosophy is a development of the socialist tradition in response to specific dilemmas conceived largely in terms associated with the New Right. This factor should also be considered that Old Labour, New Labour, and the New Rights are all those abstractions that simplify some specific complex sets of political ideas, practices, and loyalties.Public philosophy also leads it to be communitative including many developing ideas that incorporate the experiences of community action and the labor movement. Community work in this approach is about assisting communities, particularly those affected by poverty and insecurity, to develop a strong voice in arguing for different economic and social outcomes than those they presently experience. (Anne Quinney, 2002)

Community Action
During the mid 1960s to mid 1970s, community work enjoyed a high profile in the UK. The desire of the British government to address and ameliorate social problems, particularly those in inner city areas, led to a range of schemes and programs, most of which used intervention in communities and neighborhoods as a core component. The role of community work at that time was to stabilize and incorporate sections of the population perceived to be "difficult" and provide support to integrate them into mainstream activity. So, the main problem remained within the community and produced a radical critique by economic, political, and social structures, creating an unequal distribution of resources and power throughout society. The continued existence of deprived areas was essential for the continuance of capitalism. In other words, structural inequalities were the root cause of poverty, where the community work was identified as controversial and problematic, as well as a useful practice for tackling social problems. This tension is constantly played out in the British community work field and cannot be ignored when examining aspects of practice.
The experience of community development in Britain has been characterized by work at the neighborhood level and, has a primary focus upon a process whereby community groups are encouraged to articulate their problems and needs that will lead to collective action in the determination and meeting of their needs.
Community Development has now extended its social exclusion towards health improvement targets and a unique and central feature of health and social care policies. The British New Labour government launched the Social Exclusion Unit, consisting of a group of civil servants and independent advisors, to analyze and report on problems in the 1,300 poorest neighborhoods. The first report attacked the way in which the previous government had failed these neighborhoods, as not enough emphasis had been placed on the communities themselves ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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