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Draw out the major contrasts between Social Democratic and New Right political perspectives on welfare. In the light of this co - Essay Example

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SOCIAL POLICY AND WELFARE By Institution Date Social Policy and Welfare Introduction The United Kingdom has undergone major changes in welfare policies over the decades tracing from 1930s up to the current government. These changes have been occasioned by many factors…
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Draw out the major contrasts between Social Democratic and New Right political perspectives on welfare. In the light of this co
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Extract of sample "Draw out the major contrasts between Social Democratic and New Right political perspectives on welfare. In the light of this co"

Download file to see previous pages With the power struggle and elements of corruption, racism, and political favoritism, the policies, which would have remained paramount, have been changed from time to time all in an effort to reach an agreeable equilibrium. Social Democracy Following the reformist and gradual methods, the Social democracy approach seeks to put in place democratic socialism. It is a good take to advise that the democratic socialism should not be confused with social democracy. The former is a platform built by the later as will be established in this paper. This is a regime, which has a wider scope, and includes ideologies, which involve welfare states at a universal level. The policy also involves collective bargaining as a scheme. The collective bargaining involves a capitalist economy based framework. The social democrats have urged for the gradual and progressive change of the capitalism approach while healing the wounds from the split, which was suffered between the revolutionary socialists and the reformists. They believed that the gradual change would bridge the gap between the two groups, which seemed to be opposing each other (Walsh, Stephens, and Moore, 2000). By accepting and advocating for the representative democracy, the proponents of social democracy proposed that equal representation was the best way in the rule of law. This idea extends beyond political democracy and includes economic democracy in decision making when it comes to issues of social equity. This approach would give room to employees and stakeholders in the economy to participate in major decision making, rather than leaving the whole task to the political lot who in most cases do work in their personal political gains as compared to the interests of the general citizens. The social democrats worked to the betterment of equity in terms of wealth and opportunity distribution by checking against excesses in inequality. They had established that the high levels of poverty and oppression were because of lack of social representation in economic decision-making forum. In order to attain universal access to public services, the proponents argued for the creation of universal social right to education, treatment and health facilities, as well as proper wage scales for workers. Other services advocated for included child case and care for the aged in the society. The age of social democracy is traced in the 19th century during the era of Karl Marx who advanced the communism ideologies, as well as, international revolutionary socialism. The other proponents included Friedrich Engels and Ferdinand Lassalle though they were in rivalry with Marx over the issue of political influence. This was resolved in the 1869 era when Marx lobbied for the famous Social Democratic Workers Party and worn in Germany. Apart from the Marxists, the Fabian Society of Britain led by Frank Podmore urged for the gradual and reform based evolution in struggling to achieve socialism. The ideas of Podmore influenced Eduard Bernstein who was a strong Marxist, and the influence led to the rejection of some Marxist tenets such as socialist revolution and class conflict. He adopted the evolutionary approach of Podmore. The main ideas of the social democrats were based on the need to push the government to support her people, and to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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