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Critically evaluate three different political ideologies. Consider the origins of each ideology and make links to Education in practice - Essay Example

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The modern politics has gained a significant effect from the French Revolution as its post revolution effects created number of political ideologies which have developed into a general familiarity almost throughout the world. During the last quarter of 18th century and in the…
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Critically evaluate three different political ideologies. Consider the origins of each ideology and make links to Education in practice
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate three different political ideologies. Consider the origins of each ideology and make links to Education in practice"

Download file to see previous pages Primarily the political ideologies of the late 18th century were the basis of modern political science. This paper deals the three political ideologies that are communism, socialism, and fascism. The paper states the basic theme behind these ideologies as well as it discusses the historical background and origin of socialism, communism and fascism in different parts of the world. The important feature of this paper is to critically analyze the working of educational systems under above mentioned school of thoughts.
Communism is actually a political ideology that deals with the common control of control of economy in the society. Communism is derived from French word “commun” means common or general. Communism can be stated as a revolutionary socialism based on the theories of the political philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel emphasizing common ownership of the means of production and a planned economy (Hutchinson Encyclopedia, 1996). Communism is a contemporary political movement that focuses to defeat the capitalism through revolution and therefore, create an egalitarian culture in which the entire financial system is owned by the general public. Karl Marx declared it as the last phase of human society that would be succeeded through a grassroots revolution (Walicki, 1995).
The principle held is that each should work according to its capacity and receive according to their needs. The difference between “communism” itself and working towards communism is same as the difference between constructing and living in a house. In fact, the ideal communist state of USSR never claimed of achieving the communism in true sense. Practically what ever had been done in Russian state that was an endeavor to do the work required to establish a communist culture. In political point of view, communism pursues to bring down the capitalism via proletarian revolution.
After the revolution of 1917, the first communist state was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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