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How have sociologists sought to explain the rise of religious fundamentalisms - Essay Example

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How have sociologists sought to explain the rise of religious fundamentalisms? Name Institution Tutor Date How have sociologists sought to explain the rise of religious fundamentalisms? 1.0. Introduction Sociologists study religion with an aim of understanding it just like the way they study other social institutions…
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How have sociologists sought to explain the rise of religious fundamentalisms
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How have sociologists sought to explain the rise of religious fundamentalisms

Download file to see previous pages... 76). It can further be defined as an attempt to describe the existential demands. Additionally, it refers to the collective principles and the rites of a group linking them to the supernatural (Carens, 2000, p. 89). On the other hand, religious fundamentalism refers to a group of crusade that developed as a result of the aggressive evangelical crusade who come from the United States during the 19th and 20th century in disagreement to Protestant Free-thinking and Secularism demanding on the inerrancy of Scripture (Hesse, 2000, p. 45). The movement adhered to the theology movement during that time (Goldberg, 1994). Thus, it can be described as a crusade that revisited what they believed to be the defining philosophies of religion (Grillo, 1998, p. 67). It has developed to signify any spiritual or sacred enclave that purposely resisted an association with the bigger religious sect in which it emanated from on the basis that, the main values upon which the bigger sacred groups were founded have turned out to be corrupt or evacuated (Hastings, 1997, p. 32). This essay presents how the sociologists sought to explain the rise of religious fundamentalisms. ...
67). Barry (2001, p.78) argues that multiculturalism is a community, which is at comfort with the abundant twisted life and the wish between people to state their own uniqueness in the way that they believe fits. These ideologies vary from state to another state because of individual diversity. Proponents of multiculturalism question the idea of maintenance of distinct cultures within the multicultural community (Alibhai-Brown, 1999, p. 90). They argue against the issue of cultural integration of different cultural groups and advocate for cultural assimilation to come together and form a single group within the community forming one identity (Barry, 2001, p. 56). According to Hesse (2000, p.22), multiculturalism is a way of ensuring and accepting democratic institution or society in the world in which there are several conflicts between philosophies expressing different ethics (Goldberg, 1994, p. 76). This is because the attempt of unifying these different values leads to racial and ethnic discrimination within the society (Fukuyama, 1992, p.89). 2.1. Value pluralism Value pluralism also known as ethical pluralism refers to the idea that in a society there are a number of values, which might be correspondingly right and fundamental, however in disagreement with each other (Grillo, 1998, p. 55). Furthermore, value-pluralism suggests that in several cases, such contrary beliefs may not be comprehensible. In this case, there is no real ordering of these values in terms of significance. It is also a theory describing ethics rather than normative ethics. Isaiah Berlin (1991, p. 44) states that, value pluralism is a substitute to moral ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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