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Generating Theory from Practice - Essay Example

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Generating theory from Practice Introduction Nursing is a profession in the health care sector, which takes care of individuals and families, so that they can maintain healthy and a quality life. Reflective-based practice initiates reflective thinking within the nurses, which signifies care by the nurses on the basis of individual care needs…
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Generating Theory from Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Wherein, Evidence based practice provides high quality patient care by the nurses based on research and knowledge, rather than on the basis of traditions, myths and outdated books among others. . These two practices frame an important part of the nursing theory and further help in the development of prevailing nursing theories. Nursing theory can be defined as “a logically interrelated set of confirmed hypotheses” (Brown, 1997). Furthermore, it has been discussed that to utilize the nursing theory effectively, it is necessary to derive a better understanding about the description, analysis and the evaluation of the theory. According to the aforesaid discussions, it can be stated that nursing theory must involve care for the patients to build up confidence in them. Furthermore, nurses must be well acquainted with medical ailments to deal with critical situation, whenever necessary. In this stand, these theories if implemented in future, it can assist patient and their families to keep faith upon the medical department and to maintain a cooperative atmosphere for better results. “Reflective practice can be defined as the process of making sense of events, situations and actions that occur in the workplace” (Nursing Times Awards, 2013). ...
mented to strengthen the shared thinking and can also be applied for the purpose of bringing alignment between various healthcare activities (Amulya, 2011). In case of Evidence-based practice, it inculcates, qualitative project, which mainly contributes to the other research initiatives. This paper intends to evaluate efficiencies of nursing theories. This paper will also critically analyze the Reflective Practice (RP) and the Evidence Based Practice (EBP), which is applied in the development of nursing theories. A proposition is a statement about a concept or the relation between two or more concepts. EBP is a quality assurance activity, which involves low cost and high relevance within medical context. It requires team involvement and collaborative actions (French, 1999). The RP is a dynamic process, which is associated with individuals need for care, which inculcates the emotional and personal feelings of the patients. Thus this assignment intends to evaluate the necessity of RP and EBP in the study of nursing. Discussion Nursing is a profession in health sectors which takes care of people to live a healthy and longer life. The ability of nursing to look after the need of the people depends on the way in which the nursing job is managed in health care systems (NHS Careers, 2012). It also depends on the way in which nursing practice is regulated and the quality care is assured. Thus to make the nursing study a clear concept, various practices have been introduced. This assignment mainly focuses on the two types of practices Reflective Practices (RP) and the Evidence Based Practice (EBP), which is required for the effectual development of the nursing theory. ‘Reflection on Practice’ signifies an important skill of the nurses. Nurses getting engage within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Generating Theory from Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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