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Weight Control as a Key to Self Improvement - Thesis Example

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"Weight Control as a Key to Self Improvement" states that a person’s corpulence does not intrude upon the rights or welfare of others; however, it is regarded with varying degrees of ridicule and disdain: it is unkind and unfair, but that is the reality of it. …
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Weight Control as a Key to Self Improvement
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Extract of sample "Weight Control as a Key to Self Improvement"

Download file to see previous pages To date, some 38 million Americans are “significantly heavier” than average, and because of this fact alone are targets for societal and institutional prejudice. People who are judged fat are discriminated against at work, school, in acquiring access to public accommodations, in applications for insurance, and access to adequate medical care. (Angier, 2005)

Many people take the words “obese” and “overweight” to mean the same thing. Actually, they are not. Overweight refers to an increased body weight (not necessarily increase in body fat) relative to height, above that which is generally accepted as a standard. (Capella University, 2004). Obesity, however, is “defined simply as a condition of abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in adipose tissue, to the extent that health may be impaired.” (MASO, 2009) It must be noted that an athlete may be muscularly built and may exercise a lot, but if his weight exceeds the standard (or average) for his height and age, then he may be called “overweight.” He is not, however, obese, because his extra weight is not due to fat. Thus the connotation of “overweight” may include persons who are otherwise considered physically fit and in the prime of health.

A rule-of-thumb commonly used to determine if a person is overweight is if he is 10% over the “normal” weight, as determined by some standard scale such as the chart developed by the National Center for Health Statistics, or the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The individual is obese when his weight is at least 30% higher than the “normal” or standard weight. Morbid obesity, however, is when an individual weighs more than 50% more than the standard, or when they are more than 100 pounds heavier than normal. This is a life-threatening condition, and it hinders the person from functioning normally even in his day-to-day activities. (, 2009) 
The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the commonly accepted measure of the proportion of weight-to-height.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Weight Control As a Key to Self Improvement Thesis.
“Weight Control As a Key to Self Improvement Thesis”.
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