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Losing Weight - Importance of Research, Outlines, Visual Aids, and Practice - Assignment Example

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This paper "Losing Weight - Importance of Research, Outlines, Visual Aids, and Practice" focuses on the fact that after the presentation of the topic “Losing Weight,” it is important to assess its effectiveness that will boost the criticism and presentation skills of the presenter…
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Losing Weight - Importance of Research, Outlines, Visual Aids, and Practice
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Extract of sample "Losing Weight - Importance of Research, Outlines, Visual Aids, and Practice"

Download file to see previous pages A checklist has been provided to aid future presentations. The analysis should significantly improve future presentations because it determined the speaker’s strengths and weaknesses, which helped identify opportunities for improvement.
After the presentation of the topic “Losing Weight,” it is important to evaluate its effectiveness that will enhance the analytical and critical skills of the presenter. This process will also contribute to the development of the presenter’s presentation-making and communication skills. The presenter was nervous when she started the presentation, but her nervousness dissipated as she continued with the topic. She felt confident because she has conducted good research and produced a persuasive outline. Her outline supported her presentation and helped her select the right visual aids. The presentation is effective in informing the audience about the process of losing weight that involves a holistic lifestyle approach, and the analysis of the presentation showed the importance of research, outlines, drafts, visual aids, and practice to its effectiveness.
The presenter’s choice of topic is losing weight and her purpose is to inform the audience about specific steps in losing weight and to destroy some myths about dieting. Her intended audience consists of her classmates in the university. It means that they have college education background and possess different interests. The presenter wants her audience to know new information about losing weight and to possibly help them deal with their body image beliefs. Specifically, she emphasizes the importance of losing weight gradually through the right mindset, practices, and rewards. The presenter’s central idea is that losing weight in a sustainable manner requires changing mindsets and lifestyles, as well as celebrating milestones.
In order to produce a compelling presentation, valid research sources are important. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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