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Fat Bias: Looking at the Bigger Picture - Research Proposal Example

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Running head: FAT BIAS: LOOKING AT THE BIGGER PICTURE Fat Bias: Looking at the Bigger Picture Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert September 1, 2011 Fat Bias: Looking at the Bigger Picture Introduction According to Concepcion (p2), “Overweight can be defined as a body mass index, a weight to height ratio, equal to, or greater than 25.” Weight bias can be described as a form of discrimination towards the overweight individuals…
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Fat Bias: Looking at the Bigger Picture
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Download file to see previous pages Concepcion (p1) describes how powerful the impact of weight discrimination can be, especially on the victim’s self worth. Stigmatization is often associated with negative attitudes towards the affected individuals, hence interfering with their self-esteem and confidence. However, in the overweight case, prejudice and stigmatization is sometimes justified by the society as they feel that overweight is due to lack of self-discipline (Crandall 882). According to concepcion (p1), overweight individuals in the United States are commonly subjected to severe stigmatization due to the perception that weight is controllable, thus believing that the overweight deserve to be discriminated against. Nevertheless, the overweight individuals are usually aware of the society discrimination towards them, hence they feel out of place and are likely to develop low self-esteem and find comfort in eating even more (Concepcion, p5). Moreover, the myth that entails a thin body is related to beauty has corrupted the western world and therefore increasing weight bias. In addition, weight loss is being exercised at all cost, including smoking, vomiting and surgery among others; however, this is not right, but individuals do not want to experience weight bias. Arguments Brien, Hunter, & Banks (308) research reveals that discrimination against the obese individuals has spread to the general society, which includes schools, employment sectors, and even in health care. Nevertheless, the authors’ study proved that in schools, the overweight students are referred to physical exercise (PE), and their findings indicated that PE students tend to think that the obese students lack the determination and will power to loose weight; hence, it was evident that PE students had increased anti-fat prejudice attitudes towards the obese. In addition, Brien, Hunter, & Banks (p313) add that education institutions needs to implement programs aimed at reducing the anti-fat prejudice as they enhance physical exercise. Brownell, et al, (p5) admits that weight bias exists in the society especially since they consider the overweight as having corrupted the definition of an ideal culture. In addition, the study confirms that those with eating disorders tend to worry more, thus contributing to weight gain. However, stigmatization of the overweight can be more of a burden for the victims compared to their weight problem, as stigma tears them apart both emotionally and psychologically. Saguy (p445) defends the “logic of function individualism,” in which Kirkland emphases that an individual’s judgment should be based on the capability to perform a task and should not be judged by his/her looks. She further adds that protection should not be based on the looks; fatness is sometimes treated as racism especially when it is out of control. Saguy (446) emphasizes on Kirkland’s argument that most employers and education institutions include the size of an individual in their missions, thus hindering potential candidates from applying for employments or admissions in schools. This proves that schools are associated with stigmatization, thus overweight applicants are likely to be denied the chances to progress. Oliver (2005) discusses that most health practitioners rate obese as a killer disease. He further argues that there is little proof that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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