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Self Development - Essay Example

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The paper "Self Development" presents the process of self-development, examining at some of the important elements that are helping to shape future dreams and aspirations. Every individual has specially defined goals that they wish to achieve at one point in their lives. …
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Self Development
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Extract of sample "Self Development"

Download file to see previous pages I have always been keen on the activities that I do to ensure that they help me in achieving my dreams and admirations. The process of my self-development has enabled me to meet with different people that have helped mentor me in my journey of life. I have always been steadfast in my academic endeavor to ensure that I achieve the best grades that can enable me advance in my studies and get an opportunity to achieve my dream job. I believe that all people have the ability that they need to achieve their goals in life; the only difference lies in the way they implement those strategies.
One of the things that I have done, which I believe will add impetus to the achievement of my life’s dreams and aspirations is enrolling for a degree in business psychology. I believe that attaining a degree level of education will be an important milestone towards getting a career of my choice and advancing my academic ambitions. So far, I have developed my personal mission and vision statements that are directing my plans towards my desired destiny.
Personal mission statement
The development of my mission statement indicates the path that I am taking towards the achievement of my goals and objectives in life.
To provide services as an effective leader, having a life that is balanced, and applying ethical principles and moral standards that can create a difference and a positive impact in life.
The above personal statement is very important to me since I have a strong belief that one cannot lead other people effectively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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