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Play Therapy with Families - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of this book review "Play Therapy with Families" touches upon the child development. As the text has it, Axline presented the case of Dibs, a five-year young child, who was emotionally disturbed. Dibs had been considered as an extra “special,” which suggests of social barriers…
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Play Therapy with Families
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Extract of sample "Play Therapy with Families"

Download file to see previous pages The author elaborated on the fact that the parents, teachers, and others perceived the boy (i.e. Dibs) to experience cognitive or emotional disorders. Dibs had issues in interacting with his teachers and other kids in his class. However, his teacher without helping him to overcome the issue let him conduct actions in his own way. Dibs’ mother and father were highly intelligent and proactive in their career. Unfortunately, they did not remain much conscious regarding their child. The lack of care from her mother during the infant stage can be reckoned as the prime reason for causing negative effects on Dibs. When Dibs’ parents realized of the issue concerning his isolation and shortage in self-advancement, they approached Axline, as their last hope of getting recovered from the difficulties faced by the child. In this regard, a complete interaction between Dibs and Axline was witnessed in the form of assisting the child towards getting quick recovery from the problems faced. This interaction could be measured in the form of conducting counseling sessions by the author i.e. Axline with Dibs in helping the child to get rid of the conditions of self-discovery and isolation (Axline, 1964).
While summarizing the book, it was found that the author has adopted and applied non-directive play therapy for ensuring the psychological development of the child. The book highlighted the fact that Dibs was highly obedient and thus, the implementation of play therapy was deemed to be highly effective. The author highlighted that the psychological development of the child was evident from his gradual process. In this regard, notable improvements can be found within Dobs in terms of expressing himself and interacting socially with others among others. Furthermore, the improvement of the child through play therapy was also evident from the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test, where he scored 168. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Play Therapy With Families Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Play Therapy With Families Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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