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Individual Leadership Growth Reflection1 - Assignment Example

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In this world where distrust permeates the American society and the world as well, what is needed is authenticity of character coupled with good and effective leadership. This is…
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Individual Leadership Growth Reflection1
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Download file to see previous pages This means that I am capable of becoming a person and a leader who is aware of both his strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, I believe that the genuineness of my character is also one of my strengths and another reason why I believe I am fit to be an authentic leader (Kruse, 2013).
I have also realized that I am a mission-driven person, which means one who is above his concerns for self-interest and is focused on results (Kruse, 2013). By being mission-driven, I could actually effortlessly encourage people to work out a particular project without having to please me, thus they can follow my example and they also do not focus on their happiness. Rather, they focus on the completion of the project for that is the only thing that can actually bring them so much joy and satisfaction. Moreover, by being mission-driven myself and by inspiring others to be the same kind of person, I can personally say that one can accomplish something fast only if he does not focus on the problems of the present or on how difficult it is to do it. In short, being mission-driven makes one ignore the difficulties one would normally experience when trying to achieve a goal. This is therefore one of the major keys to professional success.
According to Kruse (2013), an authentic leader leads with his heart and is therefore not afraid to show his emotions. This means that whenever I lead people someday, I believe I will use my heart in leading them, which is through love, concern and example. This is in conjunction with my desire to focus on supporting people and to show them empathy and care, which are essential parts of my leadership growth plans. The best way I can achieve this rather emotional leadership is to acknowledge the hardships that each member experiences while they are trying to accomplish the goals of the group or the company.
Moreover, according to Kruse (2013), an authentic leader must possess long-term focus and must emphasize hard work and patience. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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