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Experiential Learning for Disabled Children - Essay Example

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In the report, it is stated that running a facility for disabled children and adults requires a lot of dedication and planning in order to have an effective functioning. The skills required to run the facility include experience, reading and consultation with senior individuals…
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Experiential Learning for Disabled Children
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Download file to see previous pages It entailed being on call, responding to emergencies as well as supervising routine activities. With such a schedule, I learned about proper time management. Additionally, working with other colleagues cohesively involved good communication skills. Good communications skills can be learned. Therefore, it is appropriate for every team member to enroll. In essence, the experience of my practice has equipped me with sufficient skills to coordinate and ensure efficient supervision of the residents in the community living program.
Firstly, as an assistant director, I have learned to wear many different “hats” at work to correspond with the various roles they are expected of me to fill. Different roles such as that of a mentor, teacher, coach, friend, an administrator and a leader require me to focus on each specific role to achieve the ultimate optimal result.  Communication is crucial to proper management, and it is important to open the communication lines between the management, the parents and the staff about the welfare of the children for the facility to run smoothly. As the assistant director of the agency, I have come up with numerous policies. For example, recently I came up with a policy of issuing cell phones to every group home in the facility. There was a lot of thought put into making this decision.
For this particular assignment, I would like to focus on the concrete task of creating policies for the company. During weekly assistant director and directors meeting, one of the main concerns discussed were from guardians unable to get in touch with staff when they are out on recreational activities with their family member. Once we determine that a policy is necessary, we determined the goal we wanted to accomplish in writing the particular policy. The goal that we were leading to was the ability to enhance communication for individuals and their families, especially during off-site visits. We came up with different cost-effective solutions such as assigning cell phones to the manager of the house vs. assigning one cell phone per site. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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