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How have attitudes in modern society changed in order to include people with Sen and disability - Essay Example

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Every human being deserves to live a fair life regardless of their condition. People with special education need (Sen) or any other disability should not be discriminated by other people. Disabled children with these kinds of disabilities feel frustrated by lack of support from their colleagues…
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How have attitudes in modern society changed in order to include people with Sen and disability
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"How have attitudes in modern society changed in order to include people with Sen and disability"

Download file to see previous pages Parents do not have adequate information on how to treat their kids, type of schools to take them, plus what to expect in their children (Burton 1996, p.33).
For example, the city of Southampton has developed a way of helping children with Sen i.e. through early identification and intervention, improving the experience of the children and their families through clear and definite accessible information about services offered and also through building capacity through partnerships with other organizations. The local authority launched the Jigsaw service which brings about all health specialists and social care services for young people with learning disabilities under a single management. Services offered include; broadening the eligibility form to accommodate the child’s disability in the context of their family problem; strong focus on early child intervention and integrated working criteria between nurses and the social workers so that the kids will learn through a single well developed and integrated process (Burton 1996, p.27).
There has been a strong focus on early identification, intervention and building capacities through strong established partnerships, with academic institutions to raise the levels and achievements of people with Sen. There are programs to support Sen Kids in schools. A lot of given work been conducted to improve the accessibility and number of information regarding the services and activities for the families of children with disabilities (Burton 1996, p.55). Disabled children like all other children experience bullying. These include; verbal abuse that can lead to their perceived impairment; physical violence particularly against children with physical disabilities; threats and intimidation; exclusion and isolation from their peer groups; manipulation and false friendships. Repeated bullying, which had not, been responded to have led the disabled kids to developing a negative self identity concerning their disability. Some kids have developed individualized responses in regards to bullying. They feel that they should alienate themselves entirely from certain situations adapting their own behaviors’ (Burton 1996, p.66). Most of these kids fear reporting bullying when it happens due to the fear of retaliation, the teachers not believing them particularly amongst children suffering from Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Also, when these kids reported bullying to their teachers, they report often that the teachers never listen to them (Sally & Marian 1999, p.100). In order to prevent bullying, disabled kids believe that awareness should be created among other kids in order to understand and value disability. This should include disability awareness, equality trainings and vocations, lessons for teachers, students and even the staff to display positive picture of disability throughout the school. The disabled kids feel that these would develop their confidence and enable them build a positive self esteem and awareness of their rights of not to be bullied. Disabled children need to be understood. The staff and teachers should develop a positive and supportive relationship with the disabled kids (Burton 1996, p.82). The major discrimination that people with disabilities face is social discrimination. This often becomes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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