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This can result in to impairment and daytime distress. Some of the disorders of sleep-wake are nightmare disorder, breathing-related disorders, insomnia disorder, sleep behavior disorder, rapid eye…
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Sleep-Wake Disorders
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"Sleep-Wake Disorders"

Download file to see previous pages This essay will discuss about sleep-wake disorders.
Sleep-wake disorders lead to varied distresses and severe ailments. The adverse impact of these disorders can disturb the social function, mental and physical activities of people. According to the etiological factors and features of clinic, sleep-wake disorders are categorized in to many classes. This resembles the fact that the Sleep-wake disorders can create disastrous impact on human beings. Some of the common sleep disorders of child are sleep-related disturbances in breathing, central hypoventilation syndrome and narcolepsy. The snoring sound in children can occur due to the vibration of soft palate. A person who does not maintain any time for sleeping can create snoring sound. Sometimes disturbances in sleeping can lead to problem of breathing.The cognitive focus and fatigues are the more obvious concern that leads to sleep disorders.
The causes of distress on the health of human body and disturbed sleep are the pivotal reason behind the happening of Sleep-wake disorders. Non-24-hour is one of the sleep-wake disorders. It is also known as hypernychthemeral and free running disorder. This disorder is lead to extreme sleepiness which is between the 24-hour dark-light cycles and connected to the abnormal synchronization. The larger numbers of patients with Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder are blind. Two characteristics of the disorder are blind and sighted. The patients with this disorder often believe that a single day is longer than 24 hours. The body of people with non-24 refuses to adjust to the light-dark external cycle. This becomes difficult for patients to know the actual time to sleep and leads to daily shifts. The sleep-wake cycle of people is daily changed by this disorder. This degree of change in sleeping time is dependent on the number of hours or minutes the cycle lasts after 24 hours (Reading, 2010). The changes in the sleep-wake cycles become ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sleep-Wake Disorders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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