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Human Reaction to Rhythm Changes in The Age of Miracles - Essay Example

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This essay describes how circadian rhythms control daily human systems in relation to Thompson’s fictional book "The Age of Miracles". Therefore, the essay analyzes the vitality of the traditional day cycle in the life of humans as well as health problems associated with its disruption…
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Human Reaction to Rhythm Changes in The Age of Miracles
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Extract of sample "Human Reaction to Rhythm Changes in The Age of Miracles"

Download file to see previous pages In essence, circadian rhythms refer to centrally synchronized physiological, mental, and even behavioral processes which are regulated in people in an approximately 24-hour sporadic cycle. In human beings, circadian rhythms have been genetically organized to coordinate with night and day. A “biological master clock” that is centrally placed within the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) within the hypothalamus ensures that daily human functions are controlled. This system works to generate biological night and biological day in order to control the physiological, as well as behavioral patterns suited for day and night. It controls night activities like rest, memory control, cellular restoration, and also brain development. Additionally, circadian rhythms check activities suited for days such as alertness and glucose development. When there are extended days or nights, it causes disruption of circadian rhythms that result in extensive health and behaviour problems (Martinez and Maria 142).
Thompson book tells of a story where the rotation of the earth changes causing longer days and nights. The story narration comes to the readers through the eyes of Julia, an 11-year-old girl living in California with her family. In the first day, the news breaks on television that the standard 24 hours has lengthened by 56 minutes. As the days slowly pass, they keep on lengthening from 25 hours to 40 hours and also to weeks. By the end of the book, Julia recounts that there are six-week periods of continuous daylight, followed by darkness.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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