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Miracles - Essay Example

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The Bible is not only full of miracles, but clearly shows that miracles are part of God’s revelation to man. Immediately God is introduced to man, He creates the universe, the…
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Extract of sample "Miracles"

Miracles Number Introduction A miracle is an occurrence which is ascribable only to God, and not to human power or natural laws. The Bible is not only full of miracles, but clearly shows that miracles are part of God’s revelation to man. Immediately God is introduced to man, He creates the universe, the fullness thereof and the natural order out of nothing. For instance, in creating the universe out of nothing, the sovereignty of God over the cosmos is clearly underscored.
By providing Abraham and Sarah with the promised son Isaac, God shows clearly that He is sovereign over biological processes and realities such as senescence, aging and infertility. Importantly, the same underscores the nature of the Christian God as One who keeps His covenants. In Genesis, He gives Abraham a son, even if it is clear that Abraham was far from perfect. In Genesis, He protects the patriarchs miraculously in order to protect this covenant and the promise of the Messiah. For instance, God miraculously preserves Abraham from Pharaoh and Isaac from Abimelech. As a Sovereign Being, the God of the Bible has the right to annul contents of His covenants whimsically or justifiably, but He keeps His covenant instead.
The miracles also reveal the nature of God as Just as He avenges the Israelites at the hands of Pharaoh, vis-à-vis, the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Just as has been previously mentioned, God uses miracles to reveal not only His nature and Person, but also His name, as can be seen in Exodus 3. Miracles also prove God’s sovereignty over nature as is the case of the splitting of the Red Sea (Elwell, 1997).
It is also important to acknowledge the fact that as co-workers with man, God can use man as the instrument through which His miraculous power and providence flows. Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah and Jeremiah are some of the people through whose hands miraculous works were wrought.
In the New Testament, Jesus is the focal point of these miracles: He is the Miracle people had been waiting for (Isaiah 7:14); He is the miracle Worker; and the Person by whom God by His Spirit performs miracles. As such, the creative power is seen in Jesus giving sight to the blind and God’s power over death is seen in Jesus resurrecting Lazarus, Jairus’ daughter and later on Himself. God’s sovereignty over nature is seen in Him walking over water and rebuking the storm. All the revelation and intent that God wanted to communicate in the Old Covenant is fully and more clearly revealed, illustrated and expounded in the Person of Christ.
The starting point for anyone who wants to share in these miracles is to believe in the suffering, trial, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus as his propitiation with God, and the basis of his fellowship with God.
Elwell, W. A. (1997). "Entry for Miracle." Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. Read More
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