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Consequently, there have been numerous debates and theories, which have sought to offer their explanations for the nature of romantic relationships at the…
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Peer review ( critical review)
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Romantic Relationships: A Thematic Analysis Task: Romantic Relationships: A Thematic Analysis Sources have revealed that, there is insufficient literature on romantic relationships at adolescence and early adulthood. Consequently, there have been numerous debates and theories, which have sought to offer their explanations for the nature of romantic relationships at the two phases (Royer, 2009).
Accordingly, the study has sought to explore the comparison between romantic relationships at the adolescent stage and during the early adult phase of an individual. The researcher has employed samples amounting to ten participants, who are among his acquaintances. The samples entail equal number of men and women; five men and five women. The selecting criteria of the samples are based on age bracket between, nineteen years to twenty-four years, for the young adults. Additionally, the researcher required participants to have been engaged in a previous heterosexual relationship for at least two years at the same age bracket. However, for the adolescences, the researcher employed the age bracket of fourteen to sixteen years and they were supposed to have been in such relationships at least for a year in the same age bracket. It is significant noting that, for the above two relationships the participants were required to prove that in the relationship there existed a mutual agreement of a romantic relationship.
After data analysis, the researcher has identified two critical theories; relationship dimensions and relationship contrasts. The first entails the experience of the relationship including certain qualities and human emotions. The second has focused on the explanations of each subject for the distinct features in their adolescent and youngster relationships. It is significant noting that, the study has collaborated with previous studies that, young adult relationships have portrayed different qualities from their predecessor; adolescent relationships. Consequently, the study has provided a significant support for the previous research and it has significantly disapproved the current theories for their lack of distinctiveness in demonstrating former and latter romantic relationships. However, numerous subjects have produced different results, thus they have supported the existing theories.
After a critical examination, one should significantly point that, adolescent relationships advance with the age of an individual. Therefore, qualities such as love and belongings, although they may be absent in adolescent, it is largely because of numerous factors. For instance, during adolescence, individuals are yet growing in their minds and they lack sufficient material handouts to provide the above-mentioned qualities. Consequently, it is significant to highlight that, both adolescent relationships and those of the young adults represent similar qualities, the difference, is the phase and the capability of the individual (Royer, 2009).
Concisely, it is worthwhile recommending that, the researcher has excellently presented a flourishing research on romantic relationships. In addition, with the exception of his biasness, of choosing acquaintances as subjects, he has produced an insight to the nature of romantic relationships; hence, he has helped close a gap in literature. Therefore, the researcher deserves six points for his work. This is because despite his flourishing research, he has made numerous mistakes that need immediate intervention. For instance, he has extensively relied on introspection approach in his examination of the subjects. Consequently, he needs to rectify on his data collection method, and improve on the feasibility of his study.
Royer, H. R., Keller, M. L., & Heidrich, S. M. (2009). “Young adolescents‟ perceptions of romantic relationships and sexual activity.” Sex Education, 9(4), 395 – 408. doi: 10.1080/14681810903265329  Read More
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Peer Review ( Critical Review) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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