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The Lord of the Rings trilogy In the essay “Lord of the Rings” the author analyzes was one of the greatest directed films of all time. The director, Peter Jackson, wanted the movie to look visually as real as possible, so he made use of the Weta Workshop to design all the sets and costumes for the actors…
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Lord of the Rings
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Part of the success of this was by not creating 3-D images of the battle scenes. Instead, Jackson used miniature models to make castles and towers come to life. Weta Workshop had complete control over the design of armor, weapons, and models. Because of the large scale production of this film, many hundreds of outfits had to be specifically crafted for each individual actor. The sound quality of some of the battle scenes is quite spectacular. In order to give a real sound to battle scenes, Peter Jackson used the stomping of a stadium full of people to make it as though armies were marching. Overall, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will go down as one of the greatest pieces of cinematography due to its stunning visual effects and great action shots.
Theatre Review – Diabolo Dance Theatre
The Diabolo Dance Theatre gave a dance performance back in 1986 for the inauguration ceremony of the President of Taiwan. The Diabolo Dance Theatre had traveled the world and performed on many special occasions at some world-famous theatres. The show began with the auditorium darkened with only the stage lit up. The music was a traditional tune and began very slow as the performers made their way into position on the stage. In order to stand out among the brightly lit stage, the performers all wore dark samurai uniforms to provide a contrast. The performance was well-rehearsed, with each performer moving at exactly the same time. After one round through, the music picked up considerably, and the performers also sped up their actions in response. The sound element of the show was not too complicated, with only a consistently beating drum providing a temp at which the performers kept up with. The choreography of the show was excellent, with dancers coming and going from the stage on multiple occasions. Every few seconds, a flash of light shined on the stage. For the crescendo, some of the performers dispersed to the aisles of the spectators’ seats. The Diablo Dance Theatre gave a performance that was clearly rehearsed and brought out the best in Taiwanese culture. Read More
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