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Lord of the Rings - Movie Review Example

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy In the essay “Lord of the Rings” the author analyzes was one of the greatest directed films of all time. The director, Peter Jackson, wanted the movie to look visually as real as possible, so he made use of the Weta Workshop to design all the sets and costumes for the actors…
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Lord of the Rings
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Extract of sample "Lord of the Rings"

Part of the success of this was by not creating 3-D images of the battle scenes. Instead, Jackson used miniature models to make castles and towers come to life. Weta Workshop had complete control over the design of armor, weapons, and models. Because of the large scale production of this film, many hundreds of outfits had to be specifically crafted for each individual actor. The sound quality of some of the battle scenes is quite spectacular. In order to give a real sound to battle scenes, Peter Jackson used the stomping of a stadium full of people to make it as though armies were marching. Overall, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will go down as one of the greatest pieces of cinematography due to its stunning visual effects and great action shots.
Theatre Review – Diabolo Dance Theatre
The Diabolo Dance Theatre gave a dance performance back in 1986 for the inauguration ceremony of the President of Taiwan. The Diabolo Dance Theatre had traveled the world and performed on many special occasions at some world-famous theatres. The show began with the auditorium darkened with only the stage lit up. The music was a traditional tune and began very slow as the performers made their way into position on the stage. In order to stand out among the brightly lit stage, the performers all wore dark samurai uniforms to provide a contrast. The performance was well-rehearsed, with each performer moving at exactly the same time. After one round through, the music picked up considerably, and the performers also sped up their actions in response. The sound element of the show was not too complicated, with only a consistently beating drum providing a temp at which the performers kept up with. The choreography of the show was excellent, with dancers coming and going from the stage on multiple occasions. Every few seconds, a flash of light shined on the stage. For the crescendo, some of the performers dispersed to the aisles of the spectators’ seats. The Diablo Dance Theatre gave a performance that was clearly rehearsed and brought out the best in Taiwanese culture. Read More
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(Lord of the Rings Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Lord of the Rings Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Religion in The Lord of the Rings

... Christian themes and isn’t what one might call a “preachy” Christian book. One theme that we find throughout The Lord of the Rings is the longing that many of the characters have to return to a former age where the world was a better and happier place. For instance, Gimli longs to see the former glory of the home of his ancestors. The elves also long for a return to the Elder Days before evil and darkness came into the world. Basically, there is an overall tone that the world is in a “fallen state.” The concept that the world is in a “fallen state” is a familiar one to Christians. The time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is viewed as a paradise full of light and splendor. When evil was introduced and Adam and Eve were kicked out...
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Beowulf and J.R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings

... on the two texts also exposes further the similarities in the characters and central themes of the stories. For one, the stories do not just depict collective struggles between good and evil but also the more complicated battle within the self, the internal contradictions within an individual. This may even be the pattern that is the most common of both Beowulf and Lord of the Rings. Tolkien’s first book, evil is presented as an external force and it takes solid determination from the side of the hero to battle this through physical means. Frodo is presented as just an innocent Hobbit who does not have any innate tendency to do evil and who treats evil instead as an external enemy just like other characters in Middle Earth. For the reader...
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The Lord of The Rings

...s acting very well. Every single moment, every single beat seems incredibly well rehearsed, and his facial expression are varied and accurate. He smiles as if everything is right with the world, but can create faces of horror that make the audience recoil. Elijah Woods allows the audience to connect to the amazing character the screenwriters created. Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the ring is one of the greatest movies made in the past decade. Though it has excellent source material (one of the best-beloved novels of all time) it makes this material come alive in new and innovative ways. Its character development is especially amazing, with the protagonist character of Frodo connecting the audience to the story incredibly...
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The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

... Task The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings-the Fellowship of the ring is a mythology based on a Hobbit who is given the task of obliterating the One Ring by going through various challenges such as passing through the dangerous territories of the Dark Lord. This paper will seek to establish how Frodo is a hero archetype and how his experiences are universal to humankind. It will also elucidate how a model Frodo is that people can be familiar and handle the colossal and often baffling undertaking of being human. An archetype is a person who is viewed as a role model that represents humanity in a myth: Frodo is a monomyth. The entire plot is based on his journey, commencing when he is first separated...
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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

... to understand the plot, the characters, and the motivation for their actions. The language that is used by the author through the narrator also ensures that it is upon the reader to understand the story. Within the story, however, the author has used a technique where information is passed on from character to character in the course of the various interactions that the characters engage in. The mythical tale tells the story of an epic and imaginary world of the middle earth. The lord of the rings refers to the Dark Lord who lost a ring from which he derived most of his power. He now has a strong desire or need to reclaim the ring and, using it, he can enslave the middle earth in which the story is set. The Dark Lord created other rings so...
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Role of Music in The Lord of the Rings

...continues to learn to maintain the flow of his creativity. He believes that there is no end of knowledge in music, and, as he learns more, he gets more resources to utilize. He composes music for only those films whose subject strikes an emotional chord inside him. For composing the music of The Lord of the Rings, he has used his lifetime experience and childlike imagination. His improvisation came from the unconscious; he shaped and developed this improvisation according to the theme and characters of the movies. Howard had the responsibility of creating music in one year for a work that took 12 years for Tolkien to put in his book. He had to create music that lasted 21 hours, which included “nine hours...
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The Lord of the Rings

... to screen this saga. Peter Jackson's adaptation of Tolkien's most popular work became a phenomenon in the world cinema. Of course different opinions exist about the successfulness of this adaptation, but, nevertheless, it's obvious that it is worthy of watching and referring to. Tolkien's fans from all over the world still argue whether the filmmakers remained faithful to the spirit of the book, but nobody calls the professionalism of this adaptation in question. The Lord of the Rings screening is considered to be one of the most magnificent and nailing shows in the history of filmmaking. Experience proves that adaptation of the famous works of literature is a difficult task for the filmmakers, and it is often that the resulting...
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Themes between Frankenstein, OTSP and The Lord of the Rings

...The novels Frankenstein, Out of the Silent Planet, and The Return of the King reveal a great deal about literature in our society by how they depict females. Each of these texts explores the social issue of how femininity is portrayed in a different manner. One of the most important themes that runs through each of these novels is the issue of gender roles in our society. Our society has developed a mindset where women are supposed to stay at home and raise the family, while men are out providing for the family. Frankenstein examines why women are constantly placed in subservient roles and also why men wish to keep them in that role. Out of the Silent Planet does not include women in most of it, but it does make the claim... novels...
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The Equitable Doctrine by Lord Mersey

...HAS THE EQUITABLE DOCTRINE OUTLIVED ITS SIGNIFICANCE HAS THE EQUITABLE DOCTRINE OUTLIVED ITS SIGNIFICANCE? The equitable doctrine prohibiting the imposition of a clog on the mortgagors right to redeem was described by Lord Mersey in Kreglinger v New Pattagonia Meat and Cold Storage Co Ltd [1914] AC 25 at 46 as "like an unruly dog, which, if not securely chained to its own kennel, is prone to wander into places where it ought not to be". This landmark judgment has raised stout defenders and protagonists ever since it was proclaimed. Throughout the last century and up to now there have been unending arguments and pros and cons on the issue. Significantly, this is likely to continue in the foreseeable future as well. The reason...
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Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

...seem to tell the truth. Others are beginning to formulate opinions as to what defines evil and honor. The Lord of the Rings provides clear ideas and illustrations of the hero figure through a variety of characters and hope that such evils as abound in the world can be confronted and defeated. At the same time, it presents a new representation of race and culture that is much more accepting and inclusive in its recognition of issues as opposed to ignoring them. Women are portrayed without obvious makeup, allowing them to be seen ‘as they are’ and tensions between races such as dwarves and elves are clearly illustrated and overcome through familiarity into a close friendship. Individuals perceived...
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Parallels and Opposites in The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien

...f parallels and/or opposites in the trilogy which I find compelling in successfully defining the human struggle that lie at the very heart of the quest myth. It shall also explain why the examples I have chosen reinforce Tolkien’s vision of the mythic impulse that drives the individual to discover the true meaning of human existence. Quotes and examples from the book shall be chosen to expand on the discussion. Discussion: First Parallel: World War II and Lord of the Rings The struggle between good and evil can easily be seen in the Second World War as in the themes of the book. The book was said to be written by Tolkien right before the Second World War and was published after. The struggle between good and evil is seen in...
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War in Tolkiens Lord of the Rings

...WWI in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Although J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is set in a fantasy world, it does contain elements or images from thereal world. One of these elements is imagery from World War I, which had a damaging effect on many people’s imagination in Europe when it occurred. In the “Passage of the Marshes” chapter this imagery can be seen in the descriptions of the landscape Sam and Frodo are in, which is very gloomy and oppressive. The images of mud and stone are similar to those in Robert Graves’ “Dead Cow Farm” poem, and probably used in the same way to make the reader feel the complete mess of war. Another similarity is in the description of the dead soldiers who wandered into the marshes and drowned. Frodo...
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The Lady of Shalott by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

...The Lady of Shalott by Alfred, Lord Tennyson The poem The Lady of Shalott, arranged in four parts, talks about the inner dilemmas and conflicts that an artist faces constantly. The rewards of resolutely focusing on the artistic world are at times insufficient to compensate for the emptiness experienced in the artist’s personal life. Through the example of the Lady of Shalott and her devoted attention to the art of “weaving her magical webs”, the author expresses the heroic battle within. This essay will argue that the central focus of the poem is the perennial heroic struggle in an artist’s mind between his/her dedication to the art and the temptations of ordinary social life. This essence of the poem is brilliantly presented through...
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The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

The three books that together form Tolkiens work, The Lord of the Rings form a classic in their genre, of fantasy and myth, that parallels human existence. To capture their essence on cinema is not a mean task, considering not only their depth and girth but also their ineffable beauty, their contrasts of dark and light, of fear and courage, of good and evil, humility in the face of temptation, and last, but not the least, of the horror and corruption power may bring, without spiritual understanding.

There have been recent movie adaptations of other popular books which include the Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Memoirs of a Geisha, all with varying degrees of success....
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Ali v Headteacher and Governors of Lord Grey School

...Case Analysis (a) The case is cited as Ali v Headteacher and Governors of Lord Grey School [2006] UKHL 14, brought on appeal from the decision in the courts below. The Appellate Committee of judges comprised Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead, Lord Hoffman, Lord Scott of Foscote and Baroness Hale of Richmond. (b) Material facts of the case: As of March 2001, Respondent Ali was a 13 year old student at Lord Grey School. A fire broke out on March 8, 2001 and arson was suspected. The respondent was charged, since he was one of the last there pupils who was seen in the classroom before the fire. As a result, the school asked the boys to stay away from school till the investigation was completed and Ali was thus excluded...
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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

... William Golding’s Lord of the Files is a wonderful attempt in novel writing, as the novelist represents the human community in a miniature model, which means that he has made use of children as his characters instead of adults. He tries to represent the themes such as need for a social order and the fear for the unknown etc., behind the life of children who have been left in a lonely island due to a air mishap. Golding’s observation on the society is revealed through the life style the children follow inside the island. It has to be understood from this novel that Golding emphasises the presence of a beast in every human being, which will come out during a circumstance that disturbs the social order. Though he might have...
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What does Lord of the Flies Teach Us about Governance

... The novel “The Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding is a story about four British boys who are stuck on a tiny coral island in the South Pacific after a plane crash where there are no adult survivors at all. The events in the story occur during war time, with the underlying premise that an atomic bomb may have been used, which has caused the death of all those on the plane. As the boys wait on the island and try to survive until they are rescued, their world represents a microcosm of society and civilization and the different elements that comprise it. It is an allegorical categorization of the nature of civilization and the constant underlying impulse in man to shed his civilized veneer to give reign to the savage urges...
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The Impact of Lord Liverpools Support of the Corn Laws of 1845 on the Support for the Conservative Party

...Reflections upon the impact of Lord Liverpool’s support of the Corn Laws of 1845 on the support for the Conservative Party The corn laws of 1815 were controversial, in their own time as well as when seen through the lenses of later historians. Agriculturalists then regarded them as not offering enough protection, thus endangering British agriculture in the long run and were therefore opposed. On the other end of the spectrum were those who were in favour of free trade and who opposed the Corn Laws as being a government concession to the land barons of Ireland and Britain, against the interest of the poor. The opinion of the latter is perhaps most eloquently voiced by Blake (170, p. 15) who assessed the 1815 corn laws from a distance...
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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

...The Lord of Flies 1Reading Vocabulary Deciphering Chart Chapter vocabulary Page number Definition or meaning creepers 7 Plants that grow around another plant or along the ground. Proffer 9 Refers to a proposal or an offer Efflorescence 12 Means blooming of flowers or flowering state of flowers. Specious 12 Means having deceptive appearance or misleading attraction Enmity 14 Refers to deep hatred or state of being a foe effulgence 14 Brilliant radiance or a quality of being extremely bright swathing 14 Means wrapping or binding or bandaging Conch 15 Spiral shell of tritons or gastropod used as a horn. decorous 15 Exhibiting or showing appropriate conduct or behavior Strident 17 Refers to Presentation...
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Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring Synopsis and Recommendation

...Book Recommendation Title: Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring Book I – Chapter I-XI Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Genre: Fantasy Fiction Synopsis: The Lord of the Rings is a story about the battle between good and evil, and the courage and fortitude of the people who choose to rise above their circumstances and fight for love, freedom and peace. It is set in Middle Earth, and it begins in the Shire. Bilbo Baggins, a respected and intriguing hobbit is leaving the town for good, and entrusts his nephew, Frodo Baggins, with his most prized possession – a ring. It soon comes to his knowledge, with the help of Gandalf the Grey, that the ring is no ordinary ring but the Ruling Ring of Power, created by Sauron to establish his reign over all...
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