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The influence of music tempo on driving behaviour - Essay Example

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This essay describes how listening to music while driving affect the quality of driving. Some theories suggest that music can be distractive to the driver’s concentration; some say that it relaxes the driver; some do not find a relation between the two. …
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The influence of music tempo on driving behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages "The influence of music tempo on driving behaviour" essay outlines if the listening of music has any impact on the drivers and the way they drive. Does it make you drive rashly, carefully, or does it make no difference? Does hearing to music stress you out or reduces your stress level? These are some questions that psychologists are trying to answer. This study conducted some tests to ascertain the real relationship between music and driving. Tempo level was the only independent variable considered. Subjects were divided into groups prior to the test depending on their choice of tempo. The genre of music chosen depended totally on the subject. The dependent variables measured were their speed levels and tendency to overtake.
The main focus of this study is to determine the role of music in the mishaps or accidents that occur. It tries to find a relation to the type of music, tempo level and the speed levels and possibility of a desire to overtake. The conclusion may make us realize the amount of distraction or diversion music creates while driving. The general consensus is that listening to music while driving affects the driver’s reaction time and attention span. It is said to impair the motor, visual and cognitive capability (Furnham & Allass, 1999). More accidents are said to be a result of distraction on the road due to changing DVDs, CDs or radio channels while driving (Jancke, Musial & Vogt & Kalveram, 1994). Cell phones are said to be equally disturbing (ScienceDaily Magazine, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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