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This study shall highlight the importance of ambient conditions of a retail outlet and its impact on consumer purchasing decision. In this particular research study ambient conditions of retail outlets would be…
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Business research method and skills
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Download file to see previous pages In present scenario there are wide array of retailers who gives more importance to their retail store environment. This is because maintaining appropriate ambient conditions enable a firm to attract maximum customers and initiate high revenue margins. At times this form of approach is also regarded as a tool utilized for market differentiation. In this study different journal articles shall be included and reviewed like Journal of International Business and Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics and Association for Consumer Research. There has been various research studies conducted on effect of store atmospherics on consumer behaviour. However limited analysis is performed on mixture on retail store environmental conditions. This would be the key area of focus in this research study. It is a highly relevant study since retail industry is growing at a rapid pace and marketers invest lump sum amount on store environment conditions. The major aim of this research study is to – “analyze the impact of ambient conditions of a retail store on consumer purchasing decision”. Objectives of the study are-
This study would be feasible since sales volume at retail stores is largely dependent on purchasing behaviour of customers. On the other hand, impact of ambient conditions can be effectively measured through customer satisfaction level and increase in revenue margins.
Researcher Hosseini and Jayashree, (2014) have outlined in their study that the decoration and the ambience of the store is regarded as an important element in the overall outlook of the stores that is designed for enhancing the satisfaction of the customers. The atmospheric design of the environment of the retail store includes the lighting, music, communications that stimulates the emotional responses and the perception of the consumers that mainly affect the purchasing behaviour of the customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Research Method and Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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