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Atmosphere - Essay Example

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Atmosphere Table of Contents Introduction 3 Discussion 4 Conclusion 8 References 10 Introduction Atmosphere can be defined as mixture of gases or gaseous envelope that surrounds earth or any other planet or celestial body. Atmosphere is held by the gravity of the body…
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Download file to see previous pages Earth’s atmosphere consists of troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. Thermosphere contains ionosphere and exosphere. Troposphere- The atmospheric layer is closer to the Earth and comprise of around 75% of mass of gasses in the atmosphere. Troposphere is 0 to 12 km above the earth’s surface (Barry and Chorley, 2010, p.17). The height of troposphere depends upon the seasons which are lowest in the winter and highest in the summer season. 99% of the water vapours in the earth’s atmosphere contained in the troposphere layer. Stratosphere- stratosphere ranges from 12 to 45 km above the earth’s surface. Stratosphere is the second major atmosphere layer in the atmosphere. Stratosphere contains ozone layer which acts as a shield to absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun protecting earth’s surface. Ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet radiation which leads to increase in temperature with height. Mesosphere- mesosphere ranges for 50 to 85 km above the earth’s surface. Mesosphere and stratosphere both referred as middle part of the atmosphere. Temperature of mesosphere can drop about -100 degree Celsius. This atmospheric layer of the atmosphere helps to protect earth from meteoroids. Thermosphere- Thermosphere layer ranges above 85 km. Harmful ultraviolet radiation turns in to heat which causes temperature of thermosphere to be high (Park, 2001, p.81). Temperature of stratosphere can go above 200 degree Celsius. Thermosphere contains ionosphere and exosphere. Ionosphere ranges from 80 to 550 km. Exosphere ranges more than 550 km. This is the area of atmosphere where satellite orbits round the earth. Discussion Earth’s atmosphere is primarily composed of oxygen and nitrogen and argon. Nitrogen, oxygen and argon comprises of about 99.97% of gas in the atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere also composed of trace amounts of xenon, ozone, neon, helium, methane, krypton, ammonia, hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Lower part of earth’s altitude also contains water vapour. Earth’s atmosphere also consists of particulate matters which are rain, snow, dust and volcanic ash. Particulate matters are less persistent and highly variable than that of gases (Bradbury, Boyle and Morse, 2002, p.94). Particulate can often remain in the atmosphere for longer period. Importance of Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is the process of producing large amount of organic matter which helps life to sustain on earth. Without photosynthesis there would be no life on earth. Photosynthesis process is formed when plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide cannot be inhaled by human beings. Plants break down carbon dioxide to oxygen (O2). The main product of photosynthesis is oxygen. Oxygen gas is inhaled by human beings and it is very much essential to life. The large content of carbon dioxide is harmful and toxic. The lower concentration of oxygen is harmful to sustain life. Plants produce around 30% of oxygen. Remaining 70 % of oxygen is produced by marine plants and single-celled algae. Marine plants and single-celled algae can also form photosynthesis. Photosynthesis process is vital in regulating life cycle process on earth. The production of food and deriving energy is only done by plants. Plants with the help of energy can produce and supple necessary energy and nutrient to other living creature. Photosynthesis is the only way to produce energy. Therefore, photosynthesis is vital to life and life without photosynthesis is impossible. Importance of Respiration Respiration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Atmosphere Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/environmental-studies/1498117-atmosphere.
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