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Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City - Term Paper Example

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The "Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City" paper states that Salt Lake City has exhibited weak PM-mortality relations as compared to other Southwest cities. Such regions experience more sensitivity to large scale circulation with regards to temperature inversion activity…
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Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City
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Extract of sample "Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City"

Download file to see previous pages One would expect that since man has come to embrace technological advances which are some of the benefits brought about by globalization and industrialization, he would be wise enough to protect and take care of his surroundings. It is rather unfortunate that the more advanced man becomes, the more careless he is, regarding environmental issues.

As it has also been observed, there are presently a number of environmental activists and campaigns making efforts to bring environmental issues awareness to the public, and highlight on the various hazards associated with environmental/earth systems issues such as air pollution, water pollution, global warming as well as land degradation (Chiras 2009). Recent studies have revealed that a majority of people’s most pressing environmental issues are as a result of numerous and interacting human activities together with natural changes taking place in the Earth system (Duffy 2001).

Throughout its history, Earth’s climate has been transformed time and again when the Earth receives more or less sunlight as a result of subtle shifts in its orbit, or when the energy of the Sun is varied (Thompson & Turk 2006). It is estimated that the Earth’s climate temporarily warms up every 100,000 years (Vallero 2009). However, the Earth’s climate has in the recent past been highly influenced and affected by humanity, especially with the recent increase in population and industrialization. Additionally, Earth’s current interglacial warm period resulting from global warming has completely altered and affected the environment, as well as the distribution and diversity of ecosystems (Bailey, et al. 2001). Recent studies have shown that since 1860A.D. global temperatures have rapidly increased due to the Industrial Revolution which leads to the release of large amounts of hazardous gases, and which in turn result in the Greenhouse Effect (Chiras 2009).

The majority of nations around the world have been affected by the sudden change in the environment especially with regards to the climate. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City Term Paper.
(Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City Term Paper)
Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City Term Paper.
“Comparative Analysis for Environmental Issue in Salt Lake City Term Paper”.
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