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Salt lake city Airport should not set the indoor smoking area - Essay Example

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This is primarily done not merely to protect the smokers, but it is also a fact that smoking impacts non-smokers. Smoking will cause an array of diseases…
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Salt lake city Airport should not set the indoor smoking area
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Download file to see previous pages It is even more ironic to note that the tobacco industry is poised to help the airport management setup more indoor smoking areas through an array of architecture and deigning affiliated fronts, maintained and funded by it (ANRF 2). This is indeed a cause of immense concerns for the common citizens, as well as for the parents and their children. The maintenance and permission of indoor smoking areas in a way encourages the unhealthy addiction of smoking. Therefore, not only the indoor smoking areas should be dismantled and discouraged in a public place like Salt Lake City Airport, but parents and concerned citizens should also submit petitions to the airport management, so as to dissuade them from setting the indoor smoking areas.
Many experts tend to put forward the assertion that though smoking is a bad habit, adult smokers should be allowed to continue with such habit if they feel like or are convinced about doing so. Well, that may sound very democratic, but then one may say that people should be allowed to harm themselves if they are convinced about doing so. The fact is that smoking is a known and verified cause of an array of diseases and therefore it should be assertively discouraged at public places, and more so at places like airports (Grinberg 1). Smoking is something that is not only hazardous for the smokers using the indoor smoking areas, but it is also definitely harmful for the people moving around those areas. Indoor smoking areas are really as bad as the non-smoking areas at the restaurants, because no matter whatever precautions are taken or what ventilation devices are installed in an indoor smoking area, some secondhand smoke is bound to seep into the non-smoking areas at the airports (Grinberg 1). Moreover, indoor smoking areas set at the Salt Lake City Airport send a message to the smokers that smoking is a permissible thing and it is all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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