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Denvor Airport Case - Essay Example

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The present study investigates the possible relationship between the planning and resource management capabilities of BAE in installation of an automated baggage handling system and the problems faced by the stakeholders in implementing the project which ended up in a great…
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Denvor Airport Case
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Download file to see previous pages The primary source for analysis of the project will be an article which was originally published as a Harvard Business School Case Study. After analysis of the planning and resource management capabilities of BAE in carrying out the Baggage Handling System and its consequences, workable recommendations will be made for further improvement in the company’s efficiency in the areas of planning, control and resource management.
Performance of a project depends greatly on its planning and resource management capabilities since these capabilities play a vital role in success or failure of any project. The present study will strive to investigate the relationship between the planning and resource management capabilities of BAE Automated Systems Inc. in installation of an automated baggage handling system and the problems faced by the stakeholders in implementing the project which ended up into a failure. Thus, the focus of the study will be on planning and control aspects of the automated baggage handling system project.
To analyze the planning and control aspects of the company it is important to understand what the project was and what expectations were attached with the completion of the project. The automated baggage handling system project was part of the greater Denver International Airport project. Denver International Airport (DIA) is considered to be one of the world’s largest airports. The DIA project was a huge and involved enormous construction and installation tasks. The construction began in 1989 but it was only in the 1992 that the Project Management Team (PMT) realized that an airport-wide integrated baggage-handling system should be included in the project in order to improve the efficiency of luggage delivery (p. 23). The objective of installing the new system was to improve ground time efficiency and to reduce the time which is spent in manual baggage sorting and handling.
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Denvor Airport Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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