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Olympic Cities - Essay Example

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This essay presents a critical overview of academic journal article which is published in Journal of Urban Affairs which was researched by Greg Andranovich, Matthew J. Burbank and Charles H. Heying (2001) titled “Olympic Cities: Lessons Learned from Mega Event Politics”. …
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Olympic Cities
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Download file to see previous pages Burbank and Charles H. Heying (2001) titled “Olympic Cities: Lessons Learned from Mega Event Politics”. The objective of the essay is to observe the relationship between resident’s attitudes towards Tourism and tourism development options. Methodology As part of the survey methodology different cities were selected where the event already been held. The survey was conducted on three cities which have experienced bidding as well as staging the Olympic game in areas such as Atlanta, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. The focus in mainly on the Olympics as it has become the mega event during the global economic competition. The survey is conducted only on US cities due to the political economy of the federal system. The American cities are in a unique position with regards to hosting large events such as Olympics. Mega events occur with multi-dimensional and multipurpose of the aspect. The events in each city are examined over three key stages which involves, bidding for the game, organising and post games legacy. The three cities differ in terms of size, political history, social consumption and economic base. Therefore by comparing the cities the main aim is to identify the features of relationship between consumption based economic development and mega event strategy in urban politics. The journal Olympic cities: Lessons learned from mega events, which aim to address the challenges and opportunities in hosting the Olympic Games and focusing on cities of Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Los Angeles. The focus is mainly on the adoption of strategy to conduct the mega event and the effect it had on urban policy. To begin with an overview of consumption on economic development has been discussed which had two dimensions which includes building convention centres and sports development. Comparative Analysis The comparatively analysis is done on three cities where Olympic was held. The three factors that was taken into consideration was bidding for the game, staging and finally Olympic legacies. As per the rules of IOC only cities are allowed to bid for the Olympics and host the event. In bidding process, Los Angeles bid was mainly initiated by a group named pro growth by business leaders and civic notables who were operating in the Southern California Committee for the Olympics games (SCCOG). The group rose about $158,000 funds in order to finance the bid activities. The SCCOG was established in the year 1939 after the city hosted the summer games. The country bided for the Olympic in order to bring back the games in Los Angeles. The main reason in order to get back the games were the chances for the city to display on a global stage, increase the opportunity for high revenue and the intangibles that was likely to enhance the current position of the city. For the president of SCCOG, John Argue the goal was to bring the games to the city at no cost to taxpayer. After winning the bid Los Angeles did not have any competition at the international level. In 1984 Los Angeles was the only viable choice to host the event of Olympics. Whereas unlike Loss Angeles, Atlanta did not6 have any organisation to initiate a bid for the Olympics. Although much of the initiative was taken by small group of lawyer and college football player named Billy Payne who represents the city as entrepreneur for Olympics. Only after the support for hosting the game was supported by Atlanta’s business and political elite, the city was able to bid for the Olympic. Atlanta was awarded the game in 1990 and it meant a lot for the city to host the event and what is meant to the residents of the city. Similar like Los Angles, the Salt Lake City had interest to host the Olympics since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Olympic Cities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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