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The Value System: How does It Develop - Essay Example

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This essay talks that in the political realm, philosophy works to establish the values that society lives under. If we understand politics as the question not of who will rule but of what values should rule, it is clear that philosophy is the ultimate form of politics. …
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The Value System: How does It Develop
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Download file to see previous pages As the report declares the writings and thoughts of Socrates and Machiavelli outline a deeper sense of political activity for philosophers. Socrates did not write down his thoughts, but his ideas have been declared through the writings of Plato and other philosophers. Thus it is often difficult to identify which ideas belong to Socrates and which belong to Plato. Whether recognised as rulers or not, philosophers, by determining through philosophical activity what the highest values are, are in fact directing the politics of the society of which they are a part. "Philosophy, I said, tempered with music, who comes and takes her abode in a man, and is the only saviour of his virtue throughout life." Thus philosophy and politics are inherently linked and when philosophy takes place in the public realm, politics is understood as the ruling values of a society.
This essay stresses that Socrates did not approve of tyranny or of democracy. He believed that the best form of government was one ruled by an individual possessing the most capability, wisdom and virtue. Socrates was an idealist, identified as one of the first political scientists, due to his investigation into political systems. Niccoló Machiavelli and Socrates were separated by major changes in government, society and philosophy that took place in the time between Ancient Greece and the Italian Renaissance. Founded on the basis of rational intellect, Socratic ideas depend on the idea that philosophy is universal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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