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What is your ethical value systems - Essay Example

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As such, ethics influences how people live in a society. Additionally, ethics influences the right or wrong actions for particular circumstances. Value systems on…
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What is your ethical value systems
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout the course, we have studied a number of ethical theories all of which have substantial significance and relevance in explaining unique behavior in particular situations as the reflection below portrays.
Ethical theories just as the name suggests are suppositions of ideas that follow a general principle towards the explanation of rational behavior thus differentiating right from wrong. Ethical theories explain ethics differently with each theory striving to provide a rational explanation to the behaviors. A number of theories explain ethics and value systems with each often complementing the other thereby enhancing the discipline. Among the most common theories are egoism, deontology, utilitarian, care ethics and virtue ethics. Each of the five theories provides unique yet realistic explanation of behaviors and decisions of individuals in different circumstances (Rachels, 1998). They provide rational explanation of the decisions that people should make given their priorities and interests at every situation with each theory providing such explanation with respect to analyzing the nature of relationships and interactions among people in a society.
With the above explanation, I believe I am an ethical individual who strives to uphold the social values and cultural virtues as set by the society. I maintain cordial relationship and interactions with others in the society and always strive to minimize the harm that any of my actions may cause those I encounter in my daily endeavors. I acquired my ethical value systems from a number of institutions in the society key among which is my family. I enjoy a close relationship with my parents who often influenced my behavior as I grew up. They taught me a number of principles most of which continue to influence my behavior and desire to minimize the harm that my actions may cause those I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Is Your Ethical Value Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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