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FINAL QUESTIONS - Assignment Example

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Assume that a list of requirements for a new system has been put together. List 4 stages of the SDLC where those requirements are used and explain how the list of requirements would be used during each stage.
SDLC is the abbreviation for Software Development Life Cycle…
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Download file to see previous pages Then the users of the systeme are determined and the manner in which they are going to use it in order to know what to put in place. Moreover, input system data and output data system is also established. The requirement validity is also assessed at this stage.
At this stage the guidelines are followed from the requirement specification manuscript. The system requirements are divided in software and hardware as stipulated by the requirement specification manuscript. Furthermore, the overall system building is defined thus marking a design specifications manuscript.
The code is developed at this stage and is very crucial as it is the main focus of the system developer. The system design manuscript dictates the division of modules which leads to the start of coding. The process takes a lot of time.
The code is the main thing tested after implementation. The code is tested against the requirements mentioned in the requirements analysis. The requirements must be fully functioning and solve the requirements needs as system and integration testing are conducted.
The CEO’s role at the IT steering committee is to take responsibility of every operation that takes place in the company. The CEO makes and implements decisions and initiatives on behalf of the board of directors and the company. The CEO also ensures a smooth operation of daily operations in the company. In many instances the CEO is also the president of the company and a member and director of the board of directors.
The CFO is under the CEO. The CFO’s role at the IT steering committee is to appraise financial data incurred by the IT department and even the company itself. He/she is also responsible for the reporting of IT department’s financial performance in that he/she supervises expenditures, costs and organizes the budget to be used by the IT department. The CFO also provides IT department’s financial wellbeing and veracity to bodies like the Securities and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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