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In the paper “Systems Development Life Cycle” the author looks at the estimation of time and work style. As a document, estimations are text and sent to the customer for his agreement. If Customer satisfies with the estimation of money, time and work style the deal is won by the factory owners…
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Systems Development Life Cycle
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Download file to see previous pages Now if talking about the System Development Life Cycle particularly then, it is a conceptual model used by the project management involving different steps to develop a project. In other words, it may know to be a process involving the number of steps to automate a real-time system by dividing the complex project into different small simple projects or phases. The system itself is not only the name of a virtual project but it also involves the hardware. Combination of hardware and software is called a system. Hardware is the physical components used by the software where Software is a set of programming statements to automate a real scenario executed on the set of hardware.
The cases above define may also be the examples of the system development life cycle as processing a group of steps every time to achieve a particular goal is said to be a system. Now if it getting ready for the office or delivering a product, both are the systems of life. Studying the second case of the product delivery may help to understand the System development Life cycle easily and quickly.
The three main objectives for the System Development Life Cycle are to ensure the delivery of high-quality system providing strong management controls over the project and maximizing the productivity of the system staff. These objectives may require from the system to be analyzed properly in a matter to use the latest technologies covering all system requirements along with the support of management activities, high usability and providing guidelines to install and use the system. The system must be developed under full concentrated technical activities like system definition that includes, analysis, design, and coding; testing system installation composing training, data conversion etc.; production support contains problem management; defining releases, evaluating alternatives; reconciling information over different phases and defining project’s technical strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Systems Development Life Cycle Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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