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Comparing the theoretical positions outlined by the three authors - Essay Example

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Comparing the theoretical positions outlined by the three authors Name Institution Tutor Date Comparing the theoretical positions outlined by the three authors Kurt Koffka was a German psychologist who believed that sensori motor learning occurs because of a given consequence of reinforcement…
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Comparing the theoretical positions outlined by the three authors
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Download file to see previous pages This paper presents a comparison of their theoretical positions on learning takes place within an individual. Kurt Koffka Kurt Kafka developed the Gestalt-Theory as a theory of perception (Koffka, 1922). This theory is more than a theory of perception because it goes beyond any psychological theory. This theory originated from the study of perception conducted by Kafka himself. This study and development of the theory has contributed to a better understanding of experimental works conducted. An individual’s perception can be used to explain this theory. The theory focuses on structure and organization of stimuli having a certain structure organized in a certain manner, which was based on structure organization than the specific sensory elements (Koffka, 1922). This is organization or organism responds after a reaction. When a rat was conditioned it did not respond to the absolute stimuli, but responds according to the relative surrounding presented to it (Koffka, 1922). According to Koffka (1922), early learning can be referred to as sensorimotor learning. This type of learning occurs after one experience a certain consequence. For instance, when a child toughs fire he or she will learn not to touch the fire. He also believed that learning occurs through imitation (Koffka, 1922). ...
The Gestalt theory of perception was based on the observation that people usually experience objects that are not a part of their simple senses. This theory views human beings as an open system, and an active interaction with the surroundings. The interactions are determined by the intrinsic nature of the human being as a whole. This theory can be used to understand the concept of order and structure in psychological events (Koffka, 1922). This theory describes man’s perceptual movement to separate complete figures from their environments based on the following variables, like difference‚color‚magnitude or movement (Koffka, 1922). The conflicting point of this formulation is the mask adopted by several animals in natural environments. It also notes that objects or animals which have the same visual features like figure‚ color, size‚texture‚ or worth will be understood as fitting together or ‘grouped’ in the observer’s mind (Koffka, 1922). Recurrence of shapes or colors in a structure is attractive in the same manner rhythm is attractive in sounds of music. These forms should not look the same, but there should be difference in the repetition of objects. However, the agreement will still be visible and parallel, or the recurrence in a figure usually brings implications of agreement‚ rhythm and association (Koffka, 1922). Through the utilization of similarity in an item, meaning can be revealed to the observer. Elements or objects seem to be together in this theory when they move together. This is because they all have a common fate (Koffka, 1922). Lastly, conclusion is the fulfilling effect of identifying a pattern in a man’s brains. This pattern is presents in a manner that he can observe complete images even when some part of the information is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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