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Consider Systemic and Socio-cultural Issues in a Counselling Case StudyIntroduction The project report will comprise relevant studies pertaining to the socio-cultural issues in the concerned case study. It can be stated that socio-cultural issues are regarded as those issues that linger in a society or in an environment…
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Consider systemic and sociocultural issues in a counselling case study
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"Consider systemic and sociocultural issues in a counselling case study"

Download file to see previous pages The studies in this project will include all the elements that seem to be connected with the issues of socio-cultural activities and also relates to the issues concerning different socio-cultural aspects. The main aim of this report would be to analyze the case which has been taken into concern and to figure out the instances of the socio-cultural events that seem to occur relating to the case study. Moreover, based on the instances and occurrences, an appropriate fictional story will be made as the primary base of preparing this project report. Structure of the Assignment The fictional case study would be created for the purpose of drawing various socio-cultural issues within a family system. It will also draw different instances in which fear and sadness seem to affect the lives of those characters in which the case study will be based upon. In order to determine the structure of this assignment, it can be stated that the case study will be based upon a fictional character and the life events based on the concerned character in the study will be highlighted upon. The whole story will be based upon a fictional character named Aisha which has been taken into concern from the course textbook. ...
She belongs from a conservative family and deeply values her morals and thoughts by a greater degree. She also seems to be attached with her own thoughts and is easily affected by the external events in her life. She has four siblings i.e. two brothers and two sisters and she being the oldest among her siblings got the opportunity to study abroad. Thus, she went to England for pursuing her education. She has an ailing mother who has been suffering from heart related problems since long. Her father is the only earning member in the family who runs a poultry farm for supporting his family in Saudi Arabia. She has a very loving grandmother as well. Aisha was very happy about the fact when she joined the university in England to pursue her education as it was a great matter of pride for her. It was in the year 2009, when she joined the university and till that time, her main focus was to complete her education in a successful manner. It can be viewed that she was always overwhelmed by grief and sadness owing to the reason that that she had to stay far away from her family. The memories of her family and friends always seemed to depress Aisha because she did not receive the love and care as per her expectation levels in England (Barker, Vossler, & Langdridge, 2010, p. 218). Relating Socio-Cultural Issues to the Client This section of the story would reflect upon analyzing various socio-cultural issues that Aisha faced and the varied instances of events that seemed to sadden Aisha. Also, the story reflects about the health condition of Aisha in a bitter way. As per the assessment of a psychiatric, it can be identified that Aisha was suffering from schizophrenia (Barker, Vossler, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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